Why crypto companies pay attention to the promotion on the CryptoTalk forum?

It is very important to select the resources for the promotion wisely to get the most of them. The choice of the most popular cryptocurrency forums can help you to achieve the goal effectively. First of all, a popular forum can be helpful for the education of potential customers. Taking into account the fact that some ICOs offer rather sophisticated products, it can be not easy to grasp the concept, therefore content posted on a popular forum helps to tell about the product, promote it and increase customer base.  CryptoTalk promotion is a good way for it!

Though Bitcointalk is a forum number one at the time of writing, the experts predicted that Cryptotalk will soon leave Bitcointalk behind. Therefore, this forum is considered by some crypto users the best place for marketing their ICO, IEO, and blockchain projects. The customer base is growing with incredible speed due to the fact that the forum participants are motivated by the team of the forum. And who doesn’t like to get a reward simply by talking? 

Talk tokens for chatting!

The main feature that favorably distinguishes CryptoTalk from other crypto forums is that each registered user can receive a daily reward, simply by communicating on topics of interest to him. The platform has a utility token called Talk Token, so each user can earn it by posting messages in the thread. Each post is assessed by other users who also get a fee for it. The fee of the post depends upon the rating. The user doesn’t get the payment if the rate is negative. So participants of the forum try their best to create engaging content to earn more. It solves the problem of poor-quality content and sheer nonsense users might write. This is how the system of quality content is created.

The users of some countries are not allowed to participate. The list of these countries can be found on the website of the forum. 

Learn more with CryptoTalk 

Though CryptoTalk is a very young forum, crowds of crypto lovers come to it to learn more about cryptocurrencies, other aspects of the crypto industry, and ways to earn in this field. The forum is powered by the Yobit exchange and has over 1 million visitors at the time of writing. Actually, this is the second largest crypto forum over the web where moderation is not strict.  Many ICO projects post their links with discussions on it. The platform started working in September 2019. 

The audience of the forum is rapidly expanding also thanks to its convenience and simplicity, the diversity of the topics covered and, of course, it should comply with the rules established by the administration. The coverage of the issues is different. Here you can find discussions of politicians about the fate of cryptocurrencies, authoritative opinions of economists and financiers from around the world.

The bitcoin course of the forum is aimed at popularizing digital assets, as well as clarifying certain standards for the development of the platform of each ecosystem.

Promote with Cryptotalk

Bitcoin communities are not only a place for communication for crypto enthusiasts but also a way to earn extra money. In addition, site administrators organize various contests and promotions for platform participants that attract numerous users. Many ICO projects post direct links where active discussions are underway on the structure and form of development of their ecosystem. 

There are undisputed leaders of the sites, which are appointed by the creators of ICO projects, and those who pursue certain goals related to the popularization of crypto assets.

CryptoTalk is able to reach a specific and narrow segment of clients. With the rising popularity of crypto the customer base of the forum continues growing. 

To advertise your services, simply create your theme in one of the appropriate sections of the forum detailing your offer. High-quality branching can provide numerous benefits for you. Taking into account that this is one of the largest blockchain brands, many exchanges study the threads and can notice your project. It can give a good boost to your project. One of the interesting and effective techniques attracting the audience is flame baiting. The user invokes heated discussion on some rather controversial topic. The debaters argue with each other and discuss passionately the problem. This attracts much attention therefore people reading the topic may click your link out of curiosity. 

Some more tips on the CryptoTalk promotion 

  • The profile should shine!

The username should be memorable. Fill out your profile and add a link to your signature. 

  • Write engaging content

Don’t think primarily about the promotion. Just create engaging content on a regular level. You will develop trust if you contribute regularly. 

  • Participate in other discussions

Contribute to the content of the forum, not your thread only. The comments should be intelligent and useful. Add an anchored link to your website or blog when it fits only. Refer to other resources as well.