What to consider in IEO marketing in 2021? How to choose a contractor?

IEO is a new financial model that can be effectively employed to raise funds for your project. There is a range of strategies to follow to make your IEO marketing successful. However, you should find the right contractor for that. Selecting the company, pay attention to the strategy it chooses to achieve the desired result. It should include:

1. A winning referral program for your IEO project

With the right approach, the referral program can considerably promote your project. It will help you to stand out from the industry competition. Referrals can make a big difference, so such marketing tactics work perfectly. It was proved that a word-of-mouth impression is able to increase sales five times. Besides, the customers that came through word-of-mouth spend two times more than the rest and make more referrals themselves. The conversion of referred leads is 30% times better, and their lifetime value is higher. As a result, you should have numerous backlinks leading to the page of your IEO or official website.

2. A market-focused marketing campaign

Develop the strategy wisely as you try to get the customer base in different regions of the world. Think strategically when you select the IEO platform for your token sale. When you decide to list the token sale of your company in an Asian exchange, it will make Asian retail investors from that region the primary target audience compared to the communities located in a far-away region. Just because they find it more convenient to start the account on the platform if they are not its users. It means that this aspect should be well-thought when IEO is organized.

The following strategy contributes to the optimization of a market-focused strategy. The company can make a deal with a leading, global exchange similar to Okex, Binance, Kukoin, or Huobi that are frequently based in the Asian region. Your company will be associated with a highly-reputed global brand after listing your project on a prominent platform. It is recommended to select 2-3 platforms with different locations, for instance, in the Asian and European regions if you want to promote globally and can certainly afford it.

3. Influencers as a part of your promotion strategy

Their task is the education of their followers showing them different aspects of your product. However, it can be expensive to hire them taking into account the fact that ROI isn’t clear enough. However, you can be sure that you will get enough traffic in this case, which they generate as a result of their activity.
The other type of influencers refers to the group and channel owners who run public communities. Recruiting them as advocated, you can offer your tokens, bounty, or participation in the referral campaign. They don’t get money for their services.

4. IEO aggregators

Include the major resources of this kind to your list and employ them to bring additional visibility and more strength to your project. Examples of such resources are icoholder.com, icodrops.com, icobench.com, coincodex.com, etc.

5. Airdrops

There can be a different attitude to airdrops that attract only those who want to get free tokens without real engagement. However, it’s a great way to increase your community fast.
Also, you shouldn’t skip such a traditional element of a marketing campaign as email and social media marketing. Using these channels, you can communicate on all aspects of your IEO. The list of social media platforms is known to all. It includes such resources as Telegram, Facebook, Reddit, Twitter, Medium, Discord, and others.

Look at the cases of the IEO marketing agency to see if they included these steps into promotion strategies of similar campaigns. If these things are not mentioned, discuss it with the team of the company and ask why these steps were omitted and how it affected the result if they were still used. When the data is not confidential, ask to provide figures and the results of definite promotion actions. Let the points mentioned above become the key guidelines that you can ask about to find an ideal company for the promotion of your IEO project.