What landing pages are the best in 2021? 9 hints for blockchain, crypto, and fintech companies

A landing page is an excellent marketing tool that helps to sell products or services efficiently. Marketers employ this instrument at full. It is known, for instance, that almost half of all marketing experts use landing pages for all products they release to the market. 

It is necessary to create a high quality landing page to get a successful and profitable ICO. This measure is important primarily to attract a flow of investors. It is essential to advertise the ICO for the future of the project. 

The landing page is the “face” of a product on the Internet. Some people compare it with a presentation that includes slides and sections.  

Being an important element of an effective marketing strategy, a landing page should have a range of features to serve its goal. We will try to see what is needed to make them work and bring money to your project. 

1. Create an impressive design to attract investors

All successful ICO pages have one thing in common – a structure and design developed in accordance with the practices and expectations of the crypto community. Yes, the product is of fundamental importance, while its presentation is equally important! Special attention should be paid to the meticulous elaboration of the first screen area, which is critical in the formation of the first investor impression and conversion.

2. Develop the structure first

A designer should create a prototype first, which is a map of the future website. It portrays everything you can find inside: structure, text, images, video, links. You should add figures, statistics, photos, videos to prove what you say on your website. Don’t make a design without a prototype otherwise the development of the site can take you much longer. When the client wants to change the locations of sections, for instance, you won’t have to start your work anew. 

3. Deliver a clear idea of the product

The design of the landing page should serve only one goal to tell about the product. If something distracts customers from the product, you should remove these elements. It means that you have a poor design. It doesn’t serve its goal. 

4. Learn more about your customer

If you want to have an effective landing page you should understand how it is perceived by the audience. The developer should know much the target audience and meet their demands to create an effective marketing tool for product sale. You should think about the color scheme that should be associated with the brand. 

5. Make everything clear on a landing page

The visitors shouldn’t rack their brain where to find the information about the ICO, STO, IEO or some other crypto-related project or event. It should be delivered in a clear form to the visitors. They should find it before the question arises in the head.

6. Add more graphics to the landing page

The landing page with graphic content can catch attention of the audience. Pictures with charts that demonstrate the volatility of crypto assets can be very helpful when a decision is taken. 

7. Provide basic information about the project

It is necessary to add such info as a roadmap, team that should be displayed on the page. In the case of ICO, the countdown until the date of ICO is usually displayed. All this contributes to clarity that customers like so much and increases sales.

8. Establish direct contacts with clients and speak with them

Online chat available on the landing page is a huge benefit that increases your conversion considerably. A client-oriented approach is one of the trends of contemporary marketing in all spheres. 

9. Use retargeting to increase conversion

The landing pages with the retargeting feature can boast of better conversion. It gives you the opportunity to “catch up with” the client who visited the website and left it. The technology will remind that person of you, so there is an opportunity to make him a client.