Top NFT Marketing Agencies

NFT is a non-interchangeable token. Unlike the familiar bitcoins, which are all identical and valuable only in quantity, each NFT is unique and valuable in its own right. It is a kind of work of digital art that has no analogs. There is only one portrait of the Mona Lisa. All that resembles it are copies that do not attract much public attention. So, it is in the NFT world: there is only one original and one owner recorded on the blockchain. With no way to fake the data or the asset itself.  When you buy NFT, you become the proud owner of a file that can grow in value or give benefits like access to closed online communities or a unique service.

What is NFT Marketing

What is NFT Marketing

The important questions are who owns the rights to the digital NFT object, where they are recorded, and how they are transferred. Since there is no specific legislation regarding the regulation of NFT objects, general provisions regarding the regulation of intellectual property apply.

  • The object of intellectual property is the result of creativity created by the creative work of man and expressed in objective form.
  • The author owns the copyright (to be called and be the author) and the exclusive right – in essence, the property right, the ability to dispose of at his discretion and receive remuneration for it.
  • The author can transfer his exclusive right in full or he can give someone the right to use the object in a certain way and conclude a license agreement.
  • If someone uses the intellectual property object without the author’s permission, the author can go to court to prohibit such use and collect compensation.
  • The very creation of a digital NFT object does not involve the alienation or any transfer of exclusive rights to the original object, such as a work of art.

In legal terms, a digital NFT object can be considered an independent derivative work. And only rights can be transferred to it. And these rights depend on what will be stipulated in the Contract. Usually, the user agreements do not spell out the conditions for the transfer of rights. So, it is a question of what the new owner who bought the digital NFT object for millions can do with it in the future and how to monetize it, what will be stipulated in the transfer agreement.

It is also necessary to check on what grounds the creator of the NFT object has acquired the rights to the original object, and whether they have acquired them in principle. Since it is physically possible to create an NFT object from the world’s cultural property, such an NFT object would be illegitimate.

Need For NFT Marketing

Before you dive into buying and selling NFTs, you need to try to learn more about the business side of these investments. In many ways, launching an NFT is like launching a new business. There are many ways that this new business can and sometimes does fail. Whenever you buy an NFT, you take the risk that the NFT may also fail.

You can release NFTs for free, give them away to people any way you want, and when they sell or trade their NFTs, they are appropriating value to the community. You have to pay attention to what makes an NFT go up or down in value. The community determines its value in that selling price when they sell and trade NFTs. But if you don’t know how to invest them, and you want to not only buy NFTs but sell them at a higher price, you may have trouble in this secondary market.

Many crypto platforms already offer their services to sell tokens for various NFT projects. To start trading with their help, it is worth carefully studying the conditions: tokens cannot be traded between members of such platforms, they cannot be distributed on several platforms simultaneously. There can be no doubt that universal fascination, sometimes even obsession, is a social construct and must be nurtured by people who believe in it, and do so voluntarily.

In the ordinary world, ownership of valuable tangible assets is supported by laws. Now such a tool has emerged in the digital world – it’s NFT. As with most intangible goods, the price of an NFT depends on the number of people who believe in its value and agree to support it. And of course, those who stand at the very roots, as it turned out with the same bitcoin, will benefit the most in this sphere.

Best NFT Marketing Agencies

Best NFT Marketing Agencies

A lot of projects neglect the help of agencies, which in most cases leads to a failed ICO. Some funders believe that ICO agencies overcharge for services that the team can do in-house, but that’s not entirely true. Most agencies have been in the ICO market for a long time, understand the challenges faced by projects at all stages, and provide comprehensive support, both on the technical side of the product and NFT marketing and PR strategy.

Most projects need ICO support at the stage of preparation and creation of the product. The only question is how to choose a reliable agency with adequate prices, a wide range of services, and real professionals in the team? Let’s take a look at the top NFT marketing agencies.

Associated Press

The Associated Press (AP) has announced the joint launch with Xooa of an NFT marketplace where it will sell the work of its photojournalists. The platform will launch on the Polygon blockchain, according to the AP website. The Associated Press can now be written down as a worthy representative of NFT marketing agencies.

The release notes that you can buy NFT tokens for photos via bank card payment or cryptocurrency (MetaMask, Fortmatic, Binance, and Coinbase wallets are supported). The lots will contain additional information about the date and location of the photo, the equipment used for the photo, and the characteristics of the camera.

One of the first lots will be a photo of AP employee Oded Balilty, taken on February 1, 2006, in the Amona settlement in Israel. It depicts a confrontation between a resident and security forces. Balilty won the Pulitzer Prize for this work. The initial price of the lot is still unknown.

The news agency promises that the platform will contain “a rich set of original” metadata about where and how the photos were taken. The first collection, which will go on sale on Jan. 31, will include NFT tokens of photographs of space, nature, wars, and other images that should draw attention to the work of AP photojournalists, the agency said in a news release.

AP said proceeds from the sale of the tokens will be used to finance journalistic activities. The release also said the news digital marketing agencies for NFT will receive a 10 percent commission on the amount of further resale of the tokens.

The Associated Press isn’t the first media outlet to show interest in NFT. Quartz magazine and the New York Times have previously announced the sale of NFT tokens for their articles. In addition, Getty Images photo stock CEO Craig Peter hinted in December 2021 that the company was working in this direction. is a successful marketing company among the best NFT marketing agencies. Agency helps artists auction off their pictures as a unique digital asset. And also facilitates enterprising users who ask to draw an illustration for its further realization. develops an exclusive image design and links a unique token to it. We provide turnkey services.

The studio’s specialists work on projects of any complexity. From the beginning to the end they control technical, NFT marketing, and design aspects. Also, they:

  • place the asset on trading platforms (marketplaces);
  • make press releases on the appearance of a new digital project;
  • build a suitable auction sale strategy;
  • digitize the work;
  • provide quality media support;
  • help with the legal aspects associated with the registration of copyrights for a digital asset.

NFT agency practices a comprehensive approach. provides services on a turnkey basis at reasonable prices. is considered to be the best among NFT marketing agencies.

MediaX Agency

NFT MediaX Agency, based on its experience in developing projects related to non-interchangeable tokens, anticipates an even larger market growth in the coming year of 2022. Many companies will use this unique technology for advertising. Restaurants and cafes are already doing it today.

The prospects for tokenization are bright. Shoe and clothing items will soon be digitally represented. The fashion brands of the world see the advantages of such a direction and are already planning to start developing NFT-projects.

If you also want to earn money from the digital hype, then leave an application for the service of creating a non-interchangeable token in the NFT agency MediaX Agency. MediaX Agency works with investors, collectors, artists, and individuals.


Coinbund is one of NFT’s leading full-service NFT marketing companies, offering many great options for clients looking to promote and market their NFT projects. Coinbound’s comprehensive approach to promotion will help your project grow in popularity every day.

Coinbound Services:

  • Target Audience Identification. The BDC team identifies the needs and desires of the target audience so that the PR campaign is as effective as possible.
  • Evaluating PR channels. When choosing a channel to promote Coinbound, we consider the client’s budget and the preferences of their target audience.
  • Optimization of PR strategy. Coinbound identifies and corrects deficiencies during the campaign. The adaptive approach allows getting the most out of the campaign.

Coinbound compares favorably with other nft marketing agencies. Right now, there are few companies on the service market that can fully manage any project. But experts promise that by 2027 all major investors will be working with NFT. The most interesting thing is that the pricing policy is not overpriced. Although creating a new business scheme is not an easy process. But so far, all customers have been satisfied with Coinbound’s work.


CryptoPR is an NFT marketing agency based in the United Kingdom (UK) that specializes in NFT advertising and DeFi marketing. Experience in cryptocurrency market research helps CryptoPR projects stay ahead of their competitors based on a deep understanding of industry trends, numbers, and the values of the crypto audience.

CryptoPR has a big company, blockchain developers understand their mission well. Services are provided in their entirety. You can do everything from PR services to the creation and design of your branch on Bitcointalk. Each of the employees – a professional, versatility allows to take on any, even the most complex projects. It should be noted that the team perfectly copes with this task. They create blogs in English, translate any websites. And this is not the only option – we have experience with German, Chinese, Italian.

It is necessary to treat this scheme with the utmost seriousness. There are no disadvantages, there are no disagreements. Documentation is available to all, contracts are not based on trust, but coding. The transfer of funds takes place within a few minutes. Thanks to cryptocurrency, you can even eliminate the presence of banks during the execution of monetary obligations. The absence of complicated and confusing systems makes managing a firm much more convenient and pleasant. CryptoPR deservedly took a place of honor among the best nft marketing agencies.