Top GameFi projects in 2022

The best play-to-earn games are getting even more popular in 2022 thanks to growing engagement in NFTs. While there are plenty of ways to earn money today, one of the most interesting and fun ways is to play games!

Anyone can earn money just by playing the best play to earn crypto games. Gamers are starting to earn NFTs, crypto, and other digital assets just by playing the games they enjoy. Since non-fungible tokens are created on the blockchain, players can rest assured of any threats such as data manipulation, costly transaction fees, and data theft from would-be thieves.  In fact, these games give players full control over their supplies.

Here is a list of the top play to earn games in 2022:


Splinterlands is the official card trading game that allows its users to fully own their decks and other assets in the game. Each card is now an NFT that players own – thanks to the newest web 3.0 technology on the HIVE blockchain.

What this means is that every member can do whatever they want with their cards; including holding them as collectibles, battling for rewards, trading on the market, combining them to level up, or burning them to get Dark Energy Crystals – the cryptocurrency in Splinterlands.

Alien Worlds

Alien Worlds has a decentralized metaverse running on the WAX Binance Smart Chain and Ethereum blockchains. It has an official currency – Trilium – which explorers use to play the game and must stake to participate in governance.

The planets in the game are decentralized autonomous organizations that receive Trilium daily from central metaverse smart contracts.

Explorers can mine, acquire and rent land, vote for Planetary governance that impacts Trilium and NFT payouts, and similar strategic actions.

Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity is a whole new universe filled with amazing creatures – Axies – that users are collecting as pets. Here players can battle, collect, breed, raise, and develop kingdoms for their Axies. Axie Infinity belongs in the top play-to-earn games category because of its ever-growing player base.

The project has a player-owned economy, this way gamers can fully buy, sell, own, and trade resources that they can earn while playing the game through their skills and contributions to the ecosystem.


This is the best play to earn game crypto where you can buy, sell or trade virtual properties which are mapped on real-world addresses. Everyone can become a virtual landowner, flip real estate for a profit, and also run a digital business to earn UPX coins.

Players are joining from all over the world to use the opportunities for making money in the blended reality this project offers. The money that gamers earn can be traded for USD.

Here members are able to hunt treasure, make lifelong business friends, and complete property collections. Every land is 100% owned and controlled by the user who owns it.

To do business here is to live a life of liberty and property!

Farmers World

Farmers World is the first successful farming game to function with NFTs. Users can pick for themselves which suitable tools to use, exploit various resources, purchase land, develop enormous farms, and enjoy the amazing experience of a farmer working in their Farmers Wolrds’ ecosystem.

Farmers World is in the category of the top play-to-earn games that run on the WAX blockchain. The 3 most important resources in the world of farmers include: Wood (FWW), Food (FWF), and Gold (FWG).

Bomb Crypto

The Bomb Crypto is an action gaming experience with NFT collectibles created on the blockchain by BCOIN. Users can collect them, fight monsters with them, or trade them for USD.

The game falls perfectly in the best play to earn games in 2022 and offers players the ability to manage a team of bomb heroes “Cyborgs” – developed to fight monsters and search for BCOIN. Each bomb cyborg has different stats and if luck is on your side – you can find cyborgs with great stats to upgrade or sell.

Crazy Defense Hero

This is a strategy defense game where players can develop various defensive strategies for their heroes and armies using different spells and structures. The project also has the option of collecting cards and combining them to succeed at boss fights. Members can also customize their avatar and team up with other gamers.

The Crypto You

The Crypto You is the 1st Baby metaverse game on the Binance Smart Chain Blockchain. The game falls in the category of top play-to-earn games where users can summon characters, finish daily mining missions, loot rare items, and conquer the Dark Force.

The babies are living on the Baby Planet where the most abundant resource on the planet is Cryptocurrency. They are friends with the cryptos and are striving to protect them.

The Sandbox

The Sandbox is a virtual world where gamers can own and customize the game’s many digital land parcels. Because of its captivating and fun premise, the game has been in the spotlight for a while now.

The Sandbox runs in the Alpha test version and it’s allowing players to create, own, play, and govern in a virtual metaverse of solo and multiplayer experiences.


This is a 3D diverse virtual space where players can become their ideal virtual avatar and participate in real-life activities in different spaces, such as singing, dancing, and virtual exhibitions. People can also use their Avatar to make their own content and make a profit from their creations. There are 4 main modules in the process of this game: Avatar Editor, Second Life Marketplace, Multiple Virtual Spaces, and Scenario Editor.

Final Thoughts

Blockchain gaming has become the center of attention with the popularity growth in the best play-to-earn games like Axie Infinity and Splinterlands. The best play-to-earn games crypto movement is now the largest sector in the crypto world.

Consequently, plenty of new projects are now joining the sector. This year’s 10 top play-to-earn games are going to become even better for players and also for people who want to earn money.