Top Crypto Marketing Agencies

Crypto is one of the fastest-growing spheres. What took years in other markets can happen here in a month/ Marketing budgets are measured in tens, hundreds of thousands, and sometimes millions of dollars per month. With those budgets, you can try things that you didn’t have money for before and gain precious experience.

In 2017-2018, marketing ICO projects were in demand. The main task was not to create long-term and correct strategies but to “mold” a landing page in a short period, fill social networks and attract more traffic there.

What is Crypto Marketing

Over the years, the crypto industry has shown itself to be a unique industry that requires a unique approach to advertising – cryptocurrency cannot be presented to an audience in the same primitive way as products or household appliances. Everything here is much more complicated. Users need to delve specifically into the topic, so it’s important to provide them with as much educational material as possible, allow them to try the product themselves, as well as provide support from those who already understand the subject.

Authoritative crypto portal CoinDesk in its recent article highlighted that the above-mentioned strategies are becoming increasingly popular among leading cryptocurrency companies. Whereas traditional advertising methods, on the contrary, are gradually being eliminated. Experts note that the concept of modern crypto marketing is extremely similar to the concept of marketing in the beauty industry. Primarily due to the effective network marketing, fine-tuned over the years.

The cryptocurrency market has no boundaries and is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. This accessibility is exactly what users expect. Many projects use mass communication tools such as forums, Discord, and Twitter to communicate and interact with users around the world around the clock. When developers are directly available to the community on Twitter, it attracts more user attention than static videos posted on YouTube. And while some projects prefer not to reveal team identities, having public figures for press, podcasts, corporate calls and Discord conversations establishes a genuine relationship between a project and a community that believes in its message.

One of the most attractive aspects of cryptocurrency and decentralized finance (Defi) is its inclusive and open nature. Anyone with a smartphone and an Internet connection can participate in this space. Crypto startups create open online communities where participants can share memes, participate in governance, vote on proposals to improve the protocol, etc.

Early-stage startups tend to rely on free community-building tools. Everything from messaging platforms (Telegram), to email newsletter platforms (Substack and Revue), to blogging platforms, are community-led projects that can be used to promote a product.

Need for Crypto Marketing

The first and most important thing in marketing is choosing your target audience. Only by identifying interests, needs, and demographics can you implement a marketing strategy that finds your ideal customers. Almost all of the tactics that crypto startups use today to create, manage and communicate with their audience undermine the vision of conventional marketers.

We’ve all heard of the business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) marketing models. And while they are ideal for blockchain companies such as centralized exchanges, they are not suitable for community-supported open-source protocols. Therefore, it is more effective to use the new community-to-customer (C2C) marketing model. Many blockchain protocols are open source, maintained by a core group of dedicated developers or a consortium, and extended by community stakeholders through forum discussions, suggestions for improvements, and governance through voting tools.

It is worth noting that when a protocol is built on top of a Layer 1 blockchain, such a community takes responsibility for marketing not only its product but also the underlying smart contracts platform on which it is built.

Very unexpected tools can work to promote a project. For example, experience shows that SMS advertising converts quite well – as well as Facebook and Google. There are providers with legally collected (or legally purchased) databases of numbers that make it easy and inexpensive to send messages to these people. And that’s exactly the target audience – those who have been interested in some things in this industry before.

Let’s say you have a competitor whose audience you want to bring to your site. Create a domain, very similar to the domain of the competitor, but differing in one letter (eg, or instead of  People mistakenly, accidentally move to a “fake” site and then go redirected to your page. These domains are a lot, they buy up thousands or even millions, it is a separate market. You only need to find the owner of such a pool and select the desired domains – by keywords or competitors. The tool is effective, CAC (cost per lead) is relatively low. But still, need to consider what is your specific project, and target these miscellanies very carefully.

For those unfamiliar with cryptocurrency, the need for a crypto advertising network is obvious. You’ll want your cryptocurrency to stand out whether you’re promoting the use of coins, improving your online presence, or increasing brand value, and you’ll need some support to get through it.

Importance of social media in digital marketing for crypto projects

A professional is distinguished by the ability to work with the audience in the Internet environment, a clear vision of further action, and knowledge of the market. Large amounts of money are usually spent on an order, but a competent expert will be able to navigate even with a minimal budget. It is important to study the needs of the audience, the experience of early projects, consult a person knowledgeable in cryptocurrency. By no means neglect the cryptocurrency marketing part.

Crypto marketing using social networks:

  • Communication strategy. Formation of brand communication with the target audience.
  • Creating a website for the ICO. A beautifully designed website enhances recognition. It is important to have a WhitePaper, a transition to social networks, information about the team.
  • Copywriting. The content on the site should meet the standards and be reliable, stylistically, spelling, and punctuation-wise. Interesting and light text feed is welcome.
  • Translation of page content into foreign languages. English is required in all cases.
  • Working with social networks and messengers: Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Telegram, Instagram. Against the backdrop of the popularity of these products, building a dialogue with clients. Responding to comments and questions from users, writing high-quality posts.
  • Shooting videos. Detailed storytelling about the activity and nuances.
  • Preparing press releases, interviews, and news briefs.
  • Functioning with Reddit, slack, and weachat communities.
  • Advertising on crypto-themed websites.
  • Blogging in various languages.
  • Neuromarketing. In-depth analysis of users based on ethnicity and geography.

Top Crypto Marketing Agencies

If you have a cryptocurrency project and want to make it widely known, the most reasonable way is to ask a professional PR agency for help. The main role of such a crypto agency is to deliver news and updates about your blockchain startup to the target media.

It happens that some even very successful top crypto PR agencies in the crypto industry do not have a website or any direct contact information. This makes it extremely difficult to follow up, but there are a few steps you can take. The first step is to contact several PR agencies, and then be sure to talk to all of them about your projects, goals, and requirements.

While most PR firms have the same goals and are trying to achieve them in similar ways, there are always new offerings in the marketplace with some advantage over the competition. This is why entrepreneurs must understand their needs before they start looking for agencies.

So, what do you need to keep in mind when looking for the right PR agency?

  • your criteria for a quality PR campaign (make them transparent and discuss them with the crypto marketing agency). Some PR agencies develop strategies with a focus on social media, while others focus on content creation and distribution. To be successful with a particular agency, companies should first analyze each agency’s services and choose the one that best fits their needs. What are the best criteria to use?
  • a strategic approach (define the goals of the PR campaign before you begin. It is better to discuss the strategy with the PR agency so that its staff can prepare proposals that meet your needs).
  • time (how much time you want to spend on the PR campaign – this is also important to tell the crypto marketing agency to prepare the most effective strategy)
  • your reputation (be sure to talk to the crypto agency about all the risks you fear or want to avoid when promoting your product). It is worth bearing in mind that the media has recently tightened its approach to the selection of blockchain projects to be covered and has begun to practice a kind of Due Diligence, so the help of agencies that know the subtleties of going through this procedure can be useful.
  • budget (it’s also important to share this information with agencies because many of them can work from a certain amount, respectively, so you can save your time and other people’s time).

Full-service digital agency solves business and marketing tasks of brands with the help of digital. We build effective digital communication. are experts in Internet marketing and development for crypto projects.

Features Crypto Marketing Agencies

  • Implement end-to-end analytics, account for offline conversions, and help you move to the right marketing KPIs.
  • Knowledge of web analytics techniques and tools for effective traffic conversion;
  • Development and implementation of email strategies, setting up triggered, regular informational, commercial, promotional, and other types of emails;
  • Knowledge of the technical aspects of building sites, link building, understanding of the algorithms of search engines;
  • Building a communication strategy, active presence in social media;
  • Provide transparent, informative, convenient reporting.

Well-built processes ensure close interaction between customer and client, which helps achieve the desired result in the shortest possible time. is satisfied with the results of their work and hope to continue our cooperation. The company’s management communicates professionally and reacts promptly to all proposed changes and requests. All work was done by specialists at a high professional level. The agency offers a systematic approach to the tasks and unconditional focus on achieving goals.

S1Prodution Studio

S1Prodution Studio, the agency for any type of Defi project, is based in Europe, provides global TIER 1, TIER 2 media coverage, and offers a wide range of marketing services, including influencer marketing. The agency’s client portfolio is also impressive: Star Atlas, Cardano, Cypherium, Bezant, Hall Venture, and more.

How S1Prodution Studio works:

  • The client remits an advance payment for promotion services.
  • Manager prepares a commercial proposal and agrees with the customer.
  • The manager analyzes the information and makes a mini-strategy together with the marketer.
  • The first conversation with the S1Prodution Studio manager, the manager fills in the brief.
  • The manager clarifies questions on the brief (it rarely happens that the customer’s business model is immediately clear – several discussions and clarifications may be required to synchronize it).
  • A marketer generates a media plan.
  • The client and the crypto marketing agency sign a contract.
  • The agency’s team starts promoting the project in line with the approved promotion strategy.

S1Prodution Studio guarantees professional online crypto promotion and all related services including website creation, the financial model of the project, working out the company’s strategy, and performing all types of research required for maximal effect. The services cost many times less than the profit that the project will get after it becomes popular with investors.

Bitcoin Suisse

Bitcoin Suisse is one of the top crypto marketing agencies. A company that specializes in the management of cryptocurrency assets and offers the creation and promotion of ICO projects. In the course of changing the operator’s operating model, Bitcoin Suisse experts created tools to monitor the effectiveness of investments in various cryptocurrency marketing areas, which allowe:

  • evaluate the effectiveness of the current approach to budget allocation,
  • analyze which advertising channels are worth investing in,
  • measure the effectiveness of different advertising channels and allocate the budget using the new tool.
  • After reallocating the budget, the qualitative effect remained the same, and advertising costs decreased by 15%. Bitcoin Suisse is constantly working to optimize its services. Different departments within a company often maintain separate databases that are not linked together, digital campaign results and cookies are ultimately not used. With the DMP platform, company analysts can collect customer data in one place and manage it efficiently:
  • microsegment and personalize messages,
  • determine the frequency with which ads are shown to different groups,
  • analyze data from external sources,
  • reach users with more attractive characteristics.

Black Ball

Black Ball Agency is one of the best crypto marketing agencies, and undoubtedly second in the top ICO contractors and is unique for its strong marketing and direct contacts with investment funds and private investors in Europe, North America, and South-East Asia, which, apparently, largely helps them to successfully bring their projects to ICO.

Scheme to increase conversion of cryptocurrency sales:

  • analyze the user’s path from login to purchase,
  • identify factors that influence the decision to continue browsing and making an order: the site load speed, clear structure, adaptability of the mobile version, search engine efficiency, readability of the text, convenience and ease of use, payment methods,
  • adapt the presentation of information to the characteristics of the user who visited the site,
  • set up retargeting to work with website visitors who have not made a purchase, and analyze the stages at which they leave,
  • do not forget about the qualitative aspects of advertising: the format and content of the advertising message, the visual design of the banner or video clip.

International projects produced by Black Ball invariably receive high praise from the investment community for the quality of their preparation. Cryptocurrency marketing of projects provides advanced professionals, representatives of companies such as Microsoft, Facebook, Samsung, etc. More than 35 ICO projects in the agency’s portfolio have attracted a total of over 100 million dollars, and the cost of access to the ICO for the company starts from 30 thousand dollars, which is one of the most (and maybe the most) low prices on the market.

Icoda Agency

ICODA was created to help crypto projects to reach their potential. Crypto Marketing Agency is an alliance of professionals whose goal is not only to change the industry for the better but also to help various projects become an integral part of it.

Now the team of the agency consists of several departments:

  • Marketing.
  • Development of mobile applications, custom software.
  • Video production.
  • Content creation.

The largest by number are marketing and development. Probably because these services are now the most demanded on the market. The teams of these departments were formed long and hard, but now we may say for sure that they employ the strongest specialists in their fields. This is also confirmed by the international ratings of the ICODA Agency.

Aivix Agency is a large Crypto Marketing Agencies. The main features are instant payouts, good affiliate payments, high conversion rate, loyal administration, quality processing of leads by a professional team of managers. Offers their own, so work with potential customers here is conducted at a very high level.

Cooperation with Aivix is more relevant than ever, and here are a few reasons:

  • There are more than 3000 offers on the affiliate site. This includes privates, exclusives for certain types of traffic, etc.;
  • Administration is ready to provide the working links and help in creating promos;
  • The deductions from $150 to $700;
  • Extended GEO, including 100+ countries;
  • Conversion bandings, that can be changed according to your traffic type (by contacting our support team);
  • Store bonuses, where you can spend the internal currency, received for the closing of the offerors.

Technical support responds very quickly, and this is very nice. You are assigned a personal manager, he is directly interested in you earning more, so will provide all the necessary information and help increase the conversion. offers discounts and bonuses on paid services for marketing analysis, push notifications monitoring, mobile, desktop, native advertising, ad creation, analytics, creative selection and analysis, and much more. Enter a promo code or register through a unique link.


Crypto Marketing Agencies’ promotional algorithms help affiliates find the most appropriate offers based on the type of traffic they receive. Cryptocurrency is often used for payments, which can allow you to invest in assets without risking the funds you already have in your account. Partners who use Crypto Agencies services and have a dedicated campaign manager achieve excellent results.