Top-7 tips on how to promote your Telegram crypto community in 2021

Telegram is a wonderful messenger, but it’s not that easy to promote the Telegram crypto community. The promotion capabilities within the network aren’t well developed. Nevertheless, it is incredibly efficient. Easiness of communication with your audience made it an excellent tool for promotional campaigns.

Some groups surpass 100k users but numbers don’t mean anything. The main thing is the result. Taking into account interest in crypto there are great opportunities to attract the audience. It can be done, for instance, with Telegram bots that are actively used for promotion. Even when your Telegram crypto community only starts growing, the bots can create the impression that it is large. The result achieved with help of these communities can be impressive at times. The project is growing and attracts serious investors. 

The following points can contribute considerably to the promotion of your community. 

Personalization of the chat with stickers

If you want to have an interesting and catchy atmosphere, you should personalize it. The branded collection of stickers is a good solution for it.

Communication with other members of your Telegram crypto community

A friendly attitude is very important to make people return to the chat of your community. People communicate and feel good at your webspace. They start speaking on the subject and then switch to other subjects, establishing personal relations. This moment is very important. When people feel that they have digital friends in the group, they keep on coming. 

Sharing useful data

The right data is everything in the crypto space. Tokens purchased in time can bring millions. Even information bringing modest revenues is highly appreciated. If you share it with members of your community, they will become regulars in it. Don’t forget to make announcements about your project. Investors like to be aware of all details of it. If you are late with some development or new functionality promised long ago, you should just tell the community about it. It’s a common thing in every project. 

Arrangement of contests and competitions

Some contest promotion ideas can be super effective! The contest is an excellent promotion tool to apply to the right audience as only highly interested people agree to participate. This is the information that is often shared across the resources thus promoting your brand and raising its awareness. 

This is a very good method to give potential investors information about your product as well as it perfectly attracts attention. 

Engaging content 

Engaging content can include facts and data about crypto. However, it’s not necessary to speak about cryptocurrencies and blockchain products only. The members of the Telegram community are interested in other subjects as well so versatile information will only be helpful for promotion. 

Good equal attitude to all members

Welcoming attitude matters much. People can be very toxic, especially, when they communicate online. It’s important to moderate the chat to remove those who insult other members of the community. It takes time to create a cozy atmosphere of the chat, but toxic users can destroy it within the shortest period. You shouldn’t be afraid of bans if the community members misbehave and break rules. 


Always answer when members of your Telegram crypto community apply to you with the question. It creates a good reputation of a live community. Your brand will be associated with this attitude later on. The caring attitude matters much. When you answer questions of users, they feel that you care about them. Therefore, they love coming to this web environment. 

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