Top 11 NFT Marketing Mistakes

As with any other investment, it’s impossible to get everything right with NFT investments, especially in the early days when you’re learning the ropes. What is more important is to maintain a growth mindset and not be too hard on yourself.

The NFT space can be brutal for newcomers, with tons of poor projects, rug pulls, scams and all kinds of sneaky ways to make people lose their ETH.

In the interest of being able to look back and try to see why I got things wrong, I’ll be delving into my non-performing projects in this post.

  1. Regardless of the fact that you are motivated, be prepared for problems that will need to be solved, and in the course of solving them, your motivation may fall off
  2. You just copied an already well-known nft project
  3. You are not aware of the market and the project has no utility
  4. You have not developed any marketing strategy
  5. You are chasing the numbers of subscribers (fakes and bots) and not the result from them
  6. You have chosen a very wide and not interested audience
  7. You do not communicate with the audience and do not interact with it in any way or show the absence of your non-expertise
  8. Be careful with free giveaways – they often bring in an audience that wants exactly something free and does not follow the audience
  9. You do not analyze the market and do not hypothesize its development in order to be in a trend
  10. Move faster, the market is young and needs to be cracked down very quickly
  11. The team must be charged and it must be 10 people