Tips on marketing and promoting an IEO in 2021

IEO is an innovative financial model that can be efficiently applied to raise funds transparently, securely, and quickly. It is essential to create a solid IEO marketing strategy for optimal results. We are going to discuss the practical ways that will help to create a winning IEO marketing strategy. IEO promotion is necessary for a project that is not known to anybody. A huge promotion work should be conducted to make people familiar with it, to explain how it works and can improve life of users. 

How is crypto project promoted?

The first step is the development of a PR or communication strategy. It usually starts from the general concept of the blockchain or crypto project. The team member is chosen to perform the obligations of the main public person.
Based on the specifics of the product, the news is devised to become a part of the content plan. It contains approximate titles of publications and target media. After the strategy is approved, it is being implemented. A copywriter or PR person writes texts according to the content plan, the PR person sends them across the media. Working with the media, the product is often covered in Medium, social media, and other resources depending on the project. 

Along with PR work, other activities are conducted to improve the visibility of your new project. 

1. Choose a client-oriented marketing campaign

The choice of the IEO platform is a very important task but it should cater to the demands of your target audience. It is clear that the product should be primarily focused on the needs of the clients as many technological solutions just don’t find their application. 

Such thing as fast and responsive support is a part of marketing strategy, though it also helps to enlarge the customer base. The clients are more willing to select a more responsive company that provides the best service. Therefore, the client-oriented policy prevails now. The customers have become more informed in the internet age and not ready to wait for several days for an answer from the support team. But if you serve your clients well, they will keep on coming to you. 

The companies are often reluctant to leave feedbacks on cooperation but when the service is poor, you can be sure that you will hear about it.  

2. What market are you going to serve?

The platform should be selected properly geographically, so to say. If you want to expand your product globally, you can cooperate with one of the global exchanges. Such famous brands as Huobi or Binance can boost the reputation of your brand and contribute to the success of your promotion campaign.  All these brands are either headquartered or have branches in the Asian region. These are huge cryptocurrency corporations, so if you select one of them, your product will be associated with the famous brand after listing your project on a platform. 

3. Influencers as a part of your promotion strategy 

Influencer marketing is a type of cooperation. A company cooperate with the famous person to offer a product. Their task is to promote a brand and its products and services using opinion leaders. They can influence consumers to change their attitudes and purchasing behavior. They also could improve brand awareness and customers’ loyalty. 

Customers do not buy products and services. They buy relations, stories and magic. Working with social media, an influencer may have millions of followers. They could help you to obtain your target audience, build reliability and trust with potential investors. Influencers differ considerably from each other. The other type of influencers refers to the group and channel owners who run public communities.  

4. Use of IEO aggregators

Aggregators help to collect options and information in one place. They allow you to reach a much wider audience and make your project stronger. They also help to differentiate your brand. 

5. Resort to Airdrops 

Airdrops is a great way to build a large community and put customer’s attention to your project. This method belongs to the ones producing the world of mouth effect. The IEO projects take advantage of the generation of healthy buzz as a result of this campaign. If you want to communicate on all aspects of your IEO, pay attention to different channels such as social media e-mail marketing.