Tips on marketing and promoting an ICO in 2021

ICO promotion services are intended to show the benefits of the project to investors that are not always evident. Some cryptocurrencies have incredibly high ROI after the release of mainnet. For instance, the cryptocurrency Filecoin sold its tokens in 2017 at 1-5 USD per token with different vesting schedules: from 6 months to 3 years. Taking into account its current prices, the investors managed to earn from 700 to 3,900% of returns in the course of three years. 

The fundraising mechanism is similar to buying shares. Tokens replace shares. Investing real money in tokens, investors plan to sell them expensively in the future. It is possible to do with the growth of the project.

ICO promotion will show investors the pros of the project and the prospects for value growth. ICO’s success depends upon a team’s reputation, the development, and implementation of an ICO marketing strategy. Reach out to experts of digital marketing to ensure positive results.

  • Write a whitepaper with a highly qualified expert

Whitepaper is a technical description of the project. It should contain a clear view of the concept and the perspectives of growth in the future. This is also the presentation of the company’s experience. Investor begins discovering the project with the whitepaper, and a marketing team knows how to present all the facts as its best with this document.

  • Provide a constant stream of high-quality content

It is important to understand the target audience of the project. This is the key in order to achieve commercial success. Communication should be built in the way investors think. will help you create content to explain everything and get a wider audience. This is a straight way to complete your investment plan and get even more. We present complex terms and concepts in a friendly language. Interesting video about the project will form the basis of ICO’s positive image.

  • Present the best team  

ICO is not an abstract project. The investor needs to see the real faces of your people to trust and invest. Marketers create an image and presentation of the company’s team. We find and use the strengths of your team members to show their reliability and credibility. The main message is: “Hey, look at these real people.” Well-known third party experts are also very important. We will help you to show their impact on the project.

  • Social media provide a broad discussion

The marketing agency helps to increase the interest in the project. Working on social media means building a positive image, attracting interested people, and staying in touch with your audience constantly. Collect data from Bitcointalk, Twitter, Medium, Telegram, Facebook etc.

The social media strategy is incredibly effective as long as you are aware of its limitations and strengths.
As statistics showed on Twitter, people like to click on links, which make up to 90% of all user engagement with tweets.

  • Airdrop campaign

Airdrop is the process of distributing tokens to blockchain wallet users at no cost. This method is commonly used by startups conducting an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) as a tool to promote a project and increase brand awareness.

Save some free tokens for marketing. Create a campaign where ICO’s most active members of the community get them. Your investment will pay off in the future because more will come. We know the specifics of campaigns and how to make the most of these gifts. If you want them to be effective, and we’ll share this experience with you.

  • Attract influencers

Experts determined that the level of the engagement rate of influencers with less than a million followers is higher in comparison with the celebrities loved by all. They also found out that the optimal number of followers in a blog/vlog is 50-500K. At this point, people start trusting the account. Such blogs usually provide more relevant materials for their users.