The best airdrop technology for a crypto project: how to attract thousands of users in 2021?

Marketing uses numerous tricks nowadays to attract its users. One of the popular and most effective methods is a crypto airdrop the became very popular with the development of the blockchain industry.  

What is a crypto airdrop?

Airdrop refers to the process of token distribution by the company to its users. This is, actually, a gift that is usually gladly accepted by cryptocurrency lovers. It was actively employed by ICOs (Initial Coin Offering) who used to attract potential users in this way. The recipients get tokens to their crypto wallets for free and though it may seem a rather costly campaign, it brings many benefits to the company that actively employs this promotion method. 

Besides, airdrops can occur when a cryptocurrency is forked. Examples of the situation when Bitcoin users received Bitcoin Cash coins and Ethereum users received Ethereum Classic tokens in an amount equal to the number of Bitcoin and Ethereum coins on the holder’s account.

Benefits of using the crypto airdrop for the company

  • The creation of a customer base

This is a must for the development of a crypto project. You need to have your loyal customers to succeed, but how can you do it without the customer base at your disposal. Distributing airdrops, you collect contact data that can include:

  1. Email addresses;
  2. Twitter accounts;
  3. Telegram accounts, etc.

Whether you plan to launch your ICO or STO, this stage will of great help to you later. The fundraising challenge becomes much easier with the crypto airdrop technology. 

  • Loyalty Reward

 Free tokens are given out as a reward to crypto exchange users for loyalty to the platform. This was the case in 2017 when Binance gave away 500 TRX to its users. Loyalty reward helps to strengthen the community. It’s not enough to attract people to your project. You need to retain them as well. The company that delivers gifts are always popular among its clients. 

  • Achievement of marketing goals

This marketing tool helps to increase brand awareness. Airdrop is used by companies to gain attention during ICOs and to encourage investment in their crypto tokens. Also, free distribution of tokens often occurs when a new cryptocurrency is launched, in particular, when it is the result of a fork (for example, the Bitcoin Cash airdrop mentioned above).

Also, it was proved that people value the asset higher when they own it. When the study was conducted, it was revealed that after OmiseGO airdrop users were sure that this cryptocurrency was worth more. The specialists assure: the reason for it is hidden in people’s psychology and the fact that they were holders of the coin after the airdrop.

  • Decentralization

Airdrop can help create a higher level of security for the network and its users. For example, OmiseGO distributes a significant portion of its tokens to Ethereum users.

Airdrops are usually conducted in two different ways: 

  • Scheduled: The airdrop will be announced in advance as part of a marketing strategy to advertise the project and generate interest in the crypto community.
  • Unplanned: An unexpected free token giveaway can also generate interest in the community, especially when it is a well-established cryptocurrency.

Like any other new technology, blockchain technology attracts a large number of scammers and airdrops are no exception. Therefore, it is necessary to check the information about the distribution of tokens, especially if you heard about it from advertising. You should never share private keys to access personal data or to transfer funds.

In conclusion, it’s worthwhile mentioning that airdrops can be a useful practice to raise awareness of a new token or project. They include such advantages as the willingness of users to invest in a new project and the ability to remain loyal to existing ones. But as with any technology, it is very important to beware of scammers who are trying to cash in on your own earnings.

If you need to attain a goal or several goals mentioned earlier, airdrop technology can bring brilliant results. The crypto promotion agency will help you to devise and launch an efficient promotion campaign that includes  the crypto airdrop technology and other effective marketing instruments.