Social media content for your crypto project: what to look for in 2021?

According to Nielsen research, the number of people aged 18-24 who watch TV decreases by 9.5% each year. The audience of users of social networks, on the contrary, is growing – in July 2018 it amounted to 2.2 billion. Digital 2020 July Global Statshot report revealed that more than 50% of the world’s population use social media. The similar figures revealed DataReportal analysis. It showed that 3.96 billion people are users of social media. And this number continued to increase during the pandemic. Top-7 social media sites include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, Pinterest, and Snapchat. 

70% of Internet users prefer to learn about a new product through social media, rather than through advertising. Instead of making a purchase decision based on corporate messages, consumers want to know the personal opinions of certain personalities who are reputable in the crypto industry.

Taking these statistics into account, it can be reasonable to use social media content for promotion. 

There is one more reason why cryptocurrency projects prefer to promote themselves on social media. 

Crypto ads restrictions shape the market

Blockchain and crypto projects are very profitable and can raise tons of money from token sales. However, the task becomes challenging as many resources don’t let them place ads. For instance, Facebook, Google, other major social media, and even Mailchimp perceive cryptocurrency projects as something risky.   Therefore, crypto projects go to social media for promotion. In this way, much attention is paid to content and community management. 

They can’t buy ads but they are able to use other promotion tactics to win the audience and, probably, even sell the product, service, or asset to them. 

What to do to develop social media content for a crypto project

Особенности рекламы для крипто проектов в google ads: как запустить там трафик в 2021 году?Here is some advice for you to follow to develop social media content for your crypto project. 

  • It’s hard to imagine the crypto project without social presence in 2021. Establish it if you haven’t done it yet.

Your brand should have a social media account on major social media platforms. Social presence gives visibility to your project. When potential clients hear about it, they can make research and find your social media account. It helps to build trust and your brand produces a good impression.

  • Create the email list that converts social media impressions to real leads. 

Such things as a quality email list should never be neglected. Access to the mailbox of potential customers means much. The newsletter will tell them about the events of the company, a letter can give advice, etc. 

  • Employ influencers to make your product more visible.

Influencers have a huge audience and can raise awareness of your product incredibly fast. They have a large number of followers who trust the blogger’s recommendations therefore such advertising is especially effective and can incredibly increase sales. The promotion campaigns with a large budget attract celebrities for promotion. It is recommended not to look for the followers with the largest number of followers but to focus on candidates with a narrower audience that would be interested in your service or product. Such influencers provide better results.

  • Create dedicated groups on social media platforms

If you want to improve your visibility on social media, you should create groups on such popular social media platforms as LinkedIn, Facebook. It gives the opportunity to reach the members of the group directly on their feed and notify them of the posts you make. Act as if you are a bystander. If you show a different attitude such as of an employee with an agenda, any content created by you won’t be so effective. Though it’s clear that the group is needed for the promotion of your crypto project, there should not be too much promotion of your brand. The main task is to keep the audience engaged to have the opportunity to tell them about your product.

  • Learn to listen to people on social media

Communication with the audience gives the possibility of direct feedback. It’s possible to learn what your potential clients think about your product. 

  • Create discussions on popular crypto forums 

Using popular cryptocurrency platforms such as Cryptotalk or Bitcointalk, promote your project to the members of the cryptocurrency community, cryptocurrency exchanges, etc. 

All these measures are a part of a well-thought focused strategy. Social media content should be in line with all materials that you develop for the promotion of your product.