PR publications for blockchain, crypto and fintech companies in 2021: what options are there?

PR publication is one of the key elements for a successful promotion of the blockchain, crypto or fintech company. It allows you to convey the idea of the benefits of the promoted product or brand to the target audience correctly and do it on behalf of a third party – independent media.

To create PR publications, you need to read posts on Medium, try to make journalists interested in your news, and look for trusted contractors to buy publications in large business media. Of course, this shortlist can be individual for everyone, but in general it is about the same. If it is done for ICO, it should be done in super-fast mode.  

Why does a crypto project need PR?

1. Independent opinion. 

Information telling that the product is cool looks more believable if you don’t read it on the website of the product, but when a third party such as the media or journalists talk about it.

2. Communication tool. 

Funds, as a rule, make a decision on investing 2-3 months after the first meeting. Nobody knows about you, so it is a great option to post a link to your CEO’s interview when you try to maintain a dialogue.

3. Reputation. 

It is accepted that the main page of a promising startup has a Press or About Us section, so it’s great to have a variety of reputable business and blockchain media logos in it.

4. Use someone else’s popularity. 

Sometimes, a startup takes a person with a name as CEO or advisor. The very fact of the presence of this personality in the leadership is an element of PR.

What channels of influence exist?

– Crypto, business and professional (about your product) media;

– Corporate blog (Medium, website, Steemit, etc.);

– Corporate social networks (SMM);

– E-mail newsletter;

– Bitcointalk, Cryptotalk, Reddit;

– Professional and blockchain conferences;

– Opinion leaders on YouTube, Twitter, etc.

Free PR for your crypto project. Is it possible? 

It is possible to get free publications in crypto media? Yes, it is possible, even if your project is not exceptional. Most likely, popular media won’t publish them and it will include a link to your site, but such links don’t give traffic.

It is still possible to make free publications in top international business and blockchain media. The news feed must be so cool for them that journalists will pick it up and replicate it for you. The trick is that there is a serious work of top PR specialists who charge a lot of money for their services behind such projects.

Small and medium media

If we take the international blockchain and medium-sized media companies that do not belong to Tier 1, there are two publication formats:

– Press release (where you can be either the announcement of the start of the Pre-ICO, or the news of a new partnership or an interview with the founder);

– Sponsored story (a more privileged version; the editorial board of the media allegedly writes here, but, in practice, it is better to write it yourself).

Major media

If we take the top crypto and business media, there are two ways:

1. As with less popular media outlets, buy a sponsored article officially through the sales department;

2. Buy an article directly from a columnist or PR agency that provides such a service. The journalist can devote the whole article to the project, add a quote of a representative or to mention the project.

Take into consideration that the advertisement mark greatly reduces the value of the article. The publication should look natural.

And don’t forget: PR is made not for traffic, but it’s necessary for awareness, for a brand, for communicating with the community on behalf of a third independent party.