The Best Crypto YouTube Channels

The crypto market is living a life of its own on the basis of the law of supply and demand, as economists state and the adherents of decentralized assets claim, or want to believe. The fact of the matter is, cryptocurrencies have achieved a capitalization of over $2.5 trillion for a reason – the need for such assets on the broader market that has its own players, users, and, more importantly – influencers.

Cryptocurrencies would not have reached the level of popularity that they currently wield if it had not been for the extensive availability and involvement of various social networks. Such social media networks as Facebook and Twitter, as well as messengers like Telegram, have played instrumental roles in the development of crypto channels and forums that attract millions of users with insights, advanced instructions on the use of applications, reviews, and even forecasts on the potential movement of price dynamics. But there is a new trend on the advertising and media content consumption market that is literally storming mobile applications and digital devices.

Video marketing and advertising models are outstripping the demand for banner ads and other types of promotional instruments like written articles and even paid newsletters. Videos can convey a lot more information and value to viewers in a shorter amount of time with greater involvement, engagement and feedback that results in higher levels of viewer conversion into users of applications. YouTube is the premier venue for crypto promotion these days, with millions of viewers watching reviews of projects, analytics, price forecasts and countless other topics. All of these videos are released by influencers – the people who make the crypto magic happen by giving reliable and, most importantly – reputable information on the state of various crypto assets. YouTube plays host to the best crypto YouTube channels that attract millions of followers and subscribers.

The top crypto YouTube channels rake in phenomenal amounts of income, while the best YouTube crypto channels wield such influence on project metrics that most development teams willingly pay influencers to get promoted. The following material will review the top crypto channels on YouTube and give insights into the amount of information they provide and the number of followers watching them.

The Best Crypto YouTube Channels

The Best of The Best Crypto Channels

The best YouTube crypto channels list will start with the most watched influencer of all, starting with BitBoy Crypto.

BitBoy Crypto

BitBoy Crypto is by far the biggest crypto channel on YouTube that attracts an exuberant amount of attention with its daily releases of reviews of projects and other types of content. Apart from releasing video reviews and prognosis, the channel hosts video interviews with the CEOs of crypto projects and other heavyweights in crypto space, making it a live venue of personal communication and insights into the state of the market. The channel also provides comprehensive analysis of various altcoins, cryptocurrencies, lesser coins, and historical charts on prices of Bitcoin and other major market assets. The consistency of the quality of the releases and the endless stream of news on crypto market dynamics has attracted a following of over 1.2 million viewers to the channel, which has given rise to an entire community of followers that call themselves the BitSquad. As one of the top rated crypto channels in the space, BitBoy Crypto is often cited in various other channels and by other crypto influencers as a source for their material with reference being given to its reputability and reliability in terms of information validity.

Coin Bureau

With over 1.34 million followers, the Coin Bureau is the go-place for all things analytical and related to the cryptocurrencies and Forex markets. The team of analysts at Coin Bureau are hardened professionals who know how to make a decent review of a coin on the decentralized market, or a forex broker or asset. The given channel is a premier venue for daily broadcasts about the digital assets market that helps users navigate and make sense of market dynamics and strategies. With their in-depth analysis of various cryptocurrencies and forex assets, the Coin Bureau team is dedicated to releasing quality materials that are ad-free and unbiased. The given factors are what sets the Coin Bureau apart in the eyes of YouTube followers who flock to the channel in search of honest insights into market happenings. In fact, the team is made up of experienced traders who have the portfolios to showcase their credentials and competencies in market operations and strategies, giving them the basis and knowledge to comment on various market events and techniques.

Alt Coins Daily

At just under a million YouTube followers, the At Coins Daily channel is the go-to place for all things crypto and market analysis related. The channel is run by two brothers – Aaron and Austin Arnold, both of who are considered to be Bitcoin hardliners and believers in the concepts of full decentralization. Their releases include educational and analytical videos on various digital assets, perspectives on market events and other opinion-related topics that may not be entirely related to concise metrics or charts. The channel is focused on giving opinions on news feeds and other things that happen on the crypto market, such as interviews by leading crypto influencers or sudden price hikes and the factors behind them. The daily releases are focused on providing followers with quality information and enough food for thought to make users believe in the dominance and benefits of decentralization as a leading force in the transformation of the financial sector. However, despite being Bitcoin adherents, the brothers never force their opinions on their subscribers, preferring to let the facts and events speak for them while giving unbiased analysis.

Data Dash

This channel with almost half a million followers on YouTube is the best place to attend when one is seeking a video venue that releases daily news updates and analysis of events. The channel is focused largely on Bitcoin and the events surrounding it, such as threats, price analysis, news from countries regarding legislation on cryptocurrencies, and much more, like comparison with competing networks and coins. Apart from giving insights into the crypto industry, the channel also ventures outside the decentralized environment to touch on topics that affect it as well, such as the politics and financial happenings in major banks. Stock markets and geopolitical events are also discussed as part of the channel’s releases, making it an all-encompassing venue for those seeking holistic news feeds that stretch outside the crypto industry and the general blockchain environment. With their quality releases and good grasp of economic matters, the team of the channel has earned the trust and respect of the audience that believes in the veracity of the reports and analysis they hear.

Sheldon Evans

Next up is Sheldon Evans with his 675 thousand YouTube subscribers who flock to the channel for quality reviews and educational material about high-tech matters and cryptocurrencies. The channel is a haven for those who value transparent and quirky interpretations of reviews on matters that are often considered to be too serious for the majority of decentralized industry participants. This channel is focused on providing quality videos about the developments of the technology arena and the events that are leading it forward into the future. Apart from providing reviews, the channel also offers subscribers a healthy dose of humor and some quality insights into cryptocurrency market happenings, peppered with some real-world content that is both ad-free and relevant. The combination of quality content and engaging narrative makes this channel a good place to start learning about cryptocurrencies and the tech market in general.

Morning Invest

Morning Invest is the place for those who enjoy a good video review about money while sitting on their morning glory. The channel is a progressive hosting for news and insights that get consumed by people who live on Wall Street and want hard numbers to get crunched with their breakfast. This channel invites professionals from such media outlets as CNBC to back its statements and add to the credibility of the content. The founders of the channel digest daily news feeds and make sense of market dynamics, giving good food for thought when it comes to investing in new and established assets. People like Tyler Cohen and other prominent investors are common sights on the show that invites them for interviews and analysis of various events. Delving deep into the nether of the market to find the grains of truth behind various events, the channel is a favorite among professionals who like reading the Wall Street Journal and trade routinely on the market. As such, the 604 thousand strong audience of the channel is largely composed of professionals with the occasional crypto enthusiast who has steered clear of the humorous interpretation of decentralized market dynamics.

Real Vision Finance

With over half a million in YouTube viewers, this channel is all about finance in its purest form. Making sense of the complicated matters that entangle the world of finance is what Real Vision Finance focuses on, inviting real experts who talk with other experts and find the truth behind various events. The channel has extended into the cryptocurrency market as early as 2020 and his since become one of the hottest venues for crypto investors and professionals who see money in every word said on the channel. The founder – Raoul Pal is an early investor in Bitcoin and a staunch proponent of the cryptocurrency, driving its adoption worldwide and propagating its use as a means of payment. By being focused on the mindset of traditional investors, the channel is best suited for those who believe in numbers and are oblivious to hype and trends.

Ivan on Tech

With just under half a million in YouTube subscribers, Ivan Liljeqvist is a Swedish professional who hosts a channel that has become one of the leading voices in the tech space and an influencer to be reckoned with. Everything related to technologies and blockchain space in particular gets covered on his channel, making it the hotspot for tech savvy enthusiasts. With his insights covering all the daily happenings and developments on the tech arena, Ivan gives food for thought by hosting provocative interviews with leading industry minds and poses questions that smack dead center. Dan Larmier and Roger Ver are common guests on this channel that is followed by those who value tech news and unbiased views at various technological developments.

Benjamin Cowen

With over half a million YouTube followers, Benjamin Cowen is a man who knows his history of cryptocurrency market dynamics. He provides high quality content and news as well as educational materials on all things crypto related. With his academic background, Ben takes on cryptocurrency analysis from a perspective of practical application in the programming and engineering domains, giving out verdicts on viability and market necessity. The level of the videos is always on par with previous releases, making each video a worthwhile investment of both time and attention. Add to that the unbiased view and hard stances on many cryptocurrencies, and we get a channel that needs to be heeded.

Andreas Antonopoulos

This man is one of the most recognizable names in the crypto industry with almost 300 thousand people heeding his advice on a daily basis through his video podcasts. As one of the top experts in technologies and an educator at heart, Andreas leads debates with project founders and does not shy away from asking what concerns his audience. His analysis is almost always neutral, as are his prognosis, allowing his viewers to decide for themselves whether to follow his advice, or to heed the call of their own intuitions.

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