It’s time to boost marketing for your DeFi project! How to choose the best promotion agency in 2021

With almost 8 billion dollars locked in DeFi smart contracts, this is a very hot topic nowadays. The value of some tokens of decentralized projects has risen in value several times. For instance, Synthetix Network Token has increased more than 20 times, while Aave tokens – over 200 times! In the background of this craze, investors try to get the most of the situation. If you run a DeFi project but it’s not that successful still, probably, it’s time to boost marketing for it. You need to select the best DeFi marketing agency.

The marketing specialists are not only about the promotion of the project. They help to determine the stumbling blocks that don’t let the project develop. If we look at the industry in general, the core roadblocks that occur on decentralized platforms nowadays include low liquidity, hidden risks, unintuitive UX and accessibility, capital inefficiency, and problems with regulation that curb the development of the DeFi industry.

The qualified specialists figure out the weak points trying to improve the positions there. How to select the promotion agency taking into account that most of the work performed by them is not always evident? You should pay attention to the following things.

Watch the portfolio.

The promotion agencies present the cases with figures pointing to the efficacy of their activities. What was done? What strategy was outlined to achieve the result? The cases you can find in the portfolio describe these aspects, as a rule, and include convincing arguments for the choice of the promotion agency.

What is the main specialization of the promotion agency?

Different promotion agencies employ different scenarios to achieve their goals. Try to figure them out before you decide to sign a deal with a promotion agency. Much depends upon your demands. You can be interested, for instance, in hiring a full-cycle promotion agency or may need just some specific services from it.

The agency can offer turn-key solutions for DeFi projects with initial auditing included. The launch package may include the services on community management, listing on DeFi aggregators, and legal consulting. The package can also include media placements and influencer collaborations.

Look at the agency’s coverage reports.

The agency’s coverage reports are very important. It will help to prove the efficacy of work that was conducted by the agency: sending out press releases, work with influencers, crafting a social strategy, etc. Does all this provide the desired business results? Do the efforts of the promotion agency lead to ROI that PR needs? The agency extracts this data and interprets it for you in their convincing coverage reports. Their professional reports showcase their business value.

Does the DeFi marketing agency work with the community?

Strengthening the community is one of the necessary aspects of work when a DeFi project is developed. The creation of the community is one of the methods to engage customers and increase their loyalty. The DeFi project can’t be successful without an active and vibrant community, so the efforts are worth it.

Does the DeFi marketing agency work with well-known, reputable figures in the cryptocurrency industry?

The established connections can be very important for the success of the project. It’s important for the agency to know the key persons and attract the right experts as advisers. If the project gains authority in the crypto world, it’s a large step forward. The main thing is to attain trust and credibility to start rapid development.

Apply to the DeFi marketing agency to hire a board of advisors and create a roadshow. The marketing agency can also contribute to investor relations.

What markets does the agency specialize in?

The area of application is very important. The promotion strategies on the Asian markets differ considerably from the ones used in Western countries. Look if the promotion agency had the relevant experience before. Specific Asian markets may require an unusual approach and this should be taken into consideration.

What other promotion methods are employed for the growth of the DeFi platform?

There are a lot of different ways that can be employed to expand awareness for your DeFi brand: participation in different blockchain events, conferences, an arrangement of competitions to increase audience engagement, reviews on YouTube, white paper creation, bounty campaigns, and smart airdrops that attract the viral traffic fast.