How to write a whitepaper correctly for ICO, IEO, STO, and DeFi project in 2021?

A Whitepaper is a type of marketing content or non-promotional document. Typically, this is a manual, research, or explanatory instruction for a product or service. In crypto industry, the white book is intended to describe a token, cryptocurrency, cryptocurrency exchange, or another facility.

In fact, it is an application material in the form of a file or a brochure, which describes the product. By solving the problem and demonstrating the benefits, the reader gains confidence in the company. And this allows you to turn him into a buyer and a regular customer.

It is easier to understand the essence of whitepaper when comparing it to other formats such as a presentation. Whitepaper differs considerably from it as it doesn’t include advertising slogans. Another tactic is applied here – to instill a buying thought through facts, expertise and discreet demonstration of the benefits of the product. 

Whitepaper usually includes 5-50 pages of text and contains illustrations, diagrams, tables and pictures for easiness of perception.

Goals of White Paper

White Paper has several goals:

  • It serves to increase the level of trust and loyalty to the company;
  • Increases sales volumes and conversion;
  • The White Paper is recommended to clients at different stages of sales. It helps to remove objections, and also prepares the deal;
  • It multiplies lead generation;
  • Increases your brand awareness;
  • Supports a new product or service.

White Paper is a multifunctional marketing tool that makes it extremely effective. There are certain rules you should follow to maximize the effect. 

Focus on the educational aspect

You definitely need to talk about your company, but most of the white paper should be educational. Therefore, this is not the task of a copywriter to write the technicalities but a specialist working over this type of work. In this sense, it is very important to give this type of work not just to a copywriter, but to a person or company specializing in this type of work.

Find out who your target audience is and write for your reader

It’s important to determine the portrait of your average reader in terms of demographic, psychological, and other aspects. It helps to determine the right language to convey your idea. The text of a white paper should reach the audience so the wording is important. The knowledge also helps to select the right structure to express the idea of the project. For instance, if the target audience is mainly marketers, they select short and simple sentences. In contrast to them, academics prefer to read complex structures. 

Be persuasive: use interviews, case studies, ROI calculations, research, polls

People trust experts due to their extensive experience, qualifications and knowledge. Readers are more likely to listen to short expert opinions than luring promises from companies.

Pay special attention to the first pages

The first page of a white paper is read by most people therefore it should give an idea of ​​the overall value of the material in it. After reading it, people will be able to understand if your whitepaper is worth reading. So, this is really important.

The first page features:

  • It should briefly describe the problem the project is trying to solve;
  • The White paper should outline the solution; 
  • The white paper should designate its goal. 

Use professional editing, layout, and design

Make sure your writing is professionally edited. A simple check won’t be enough. Being an expert in a narrow field, it is your knowledge that is valuable, but you can make sure that the text clear and devoid of grammatical errors by submitting articles to a professional editor for review.

Be prepared to spend time on this project

The work includes interviews, research, writing, publishing, etc. It is a rather thorough, comprehensive work that requires much time. 

A well-designed white paper will help you get a huge influx of leads, close deals at a later stage, and increase your subscription bases. But all this will only happen if you spend a lot of time, effort, and resources on it.