How to reach the hardcap for ICO/STO projects when the market is so bearish and ETH rate is below 150$

Times, when ETH rate used to be 1400$ and projects, reached their hardcap within several minutes, when ROI (return on investment) was 1000% or more and when people trusted any info that was on your landing page – these times have passed.

Now you really DO need track any marketing action that you make in order to get the right result. It means that you have to analyze all your costs and always see via google analytics or any other marketing service how much money you got back using this or that traffic channel.

You can not just make more and more tests and spend money without measuring ROI. That will kill your project. So the best money making thing that you can make is, first of all, create a tracking system that would allow you not only know exactly how many registrations you get from this or that channel but also how many funds you have raised thanks to the traffic from that channel.

Basically, you as a CEO of your ICO/STO or as a CMO have to monitor 2 main conversions:

1. from visitors (unique clicks) to registration froms

2. registrations to payments

There is no way you can reach the hard cap in 2019 if you do not pay attention to these 2 things. They are fundamental.

I have also added prices as of March 10 2019 so that you could have a deeper understanding of how much money you may need for ICO/STO marketing in 2019.

Marketing plan from A to Z

1. Packaging of your project – trust for new visitors

Design for the landing page, 7 days production, 1800 EUR, samples by request

PC and mobile layout for our design = google speed of the page 80+ (green zone), 4 days production, 1800 EUR

Promo video for your project, 1-3 minutes length video, 2 weeks production, 3500 EUR, samples

2. Community promotion – to make your project look alive

Boost of the social media accounts

20k twitter, 20k facebook, 20k telegram chat, 20k telegram channel = 3900 EUR

Telegram promotion, 80 messages in your chat per day, 1500 EUR per month, success case

Bitcointalk promotion, 790 EUR per month, success case

Social media content, 1 post every day, 1500 EUR per month, success case

Community management – from 900 EUR / monthly, success case

3. PR – when potential investors will google you – they will find these articles

10 publications

6000$ in average

4. Hype – to increase attention to your project by crypto community in general

bounty = up to 25 000 members guaranteed, from 600$,

airdrop = up to 200 000 members guaranteed, 2 weeks production, from 900 EUR , 2 weeks production, from

5. Institutional investors

Sending your offer to 740 funds, 1500 EUR,

Sending your offer to 1500 pools, 1500 EUR,

6. ROI maximizers

Email marketing, 2 weeks production, 2500 EUR, success case

Retargeting, 3 days production, 900 EUR

7. Traffic – fundraising and traffic itself – scaling procedure

Adding your project to 373 ICO/STO trackers, 1800 EUR, 2 weeks production ,  success case

Google adwords, 1100 EUR + marketing budget,

Crypto Influencers, 10 reviews for 10 000 EUR in average,

ico hardcap

Total start budget

– Minimum budget = 7000 EUR

– Average budget = 22 000 EUR

– Perfect budget = 40 000 EUR