How to promote your STO project effectively? Top 5 tips on the choice of the best promotion agency in 2021

There are different ways of fundraising. Before the boom of ICOs in 2017, the company could raise funds only through IPO, which was a tiring and durable procedure, not all companies could handle. However, with the advent of ICO not backed by legal regulations, many startups gladly adopted this method as it alleviated the fundraising process considerably for them. The growth of this crypto industry was huge at that time. It was the hottest topic in the crypto space, so it took time for investors to understand that they are not quite protected when they invest in ICOs. The demand for a reliable mechanism appeared on the market. This is how STO or Security Token Offering appeared. It became an appropriate fundraising mechanism that made token issuers responsible before their investors. However, despite the legal protection investors get, it is still not easy to acquire a top position in the field. A good STO marketing strategy is needed for an effective result.

There are several key moments you should consider when you prepare to launch your STO. All these things should be regarded before you start a promotion campaign as these decisions will either contribute to it or will create obstacles.

1) It is necessary to create a successful team that includes such key personalities as CEO, CTO, developers, marketers, and to show the team to the world. The investors will primarily look at them to decide if the STO project is worth attention. This is often more important than the idea of the project. The personalities represent the project. The right work of the promotion agency will reveal that.

2) If you create a whitelist of investors (these are those who expressed their wish to contribute to the STO) during the pre-announcement, it will give your security tokens an aura of exclusivity. The company prioritizes such clients rewarding them with large discounts during the token sale. Support for a promising project from the start can be very beneficial.

Here are things you should consider when you select the promotion agency for your STO.

1. The website is a good showcase for your STO project. Apply to the agency with good expertise in the sphere.

You will have to deal with accredited investors, professional traders, and companies, so you should present a high-quality website or a landing page with stunning design and robust functionality to them. The website should include comprehensive information about the STO project.

A website should also include a well-written whitepaper with a good structure and design. A high-quality whitepaper gives a professional look to your project.

2. Choose the marketing company that offers promotion on social media.

Social media promotion is very important for the success of the campaign. The expenditures are not that high, while the result is excellent. It’s a fantastic opportunity for global promotion and enlargement of the fan base.

The following platforms are advised for the promotion of your STO project: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Telegram, Instagram, etc.

3. Experts offering forum participation can be very helpful for your STO promotion campaign.

A good promotion agency working with crypto companies should have crypto-related forums available. This is the place with your target audience where crypto enthusiasts gather to discuss the events of the crypto industry and share best offers with other members of the project.

4. Find a promotion agency that can create engaging content of different types.

Though serious content is important such as press-releases and their placement in mass media, the promotion agency should include professionals who can produce interesting content, be it articles, video materials, or YouTube reviews. has created a promo video for DECA telling about their token sale in an engaging manner. Such information is well accepted, as a rule. The audience is very responsive to it.

5. Find a reliable platform to launch STO

A reliable infrastructure is needed to launch an STO. It will ensure safety and settle compliance issues. The investors should pass verification KYC/AML procedures and the platform is responsible for that. One of the potential platforms for that is Polymath, but the promotion agency can offer a more cost-effective solution since they are fully aware of the situation in the crypto market, know a suitable “quality-price” ratio and have access to numerous options where you can find a better alternative for your STO. Ask questions about it to find out if the promotion agency can help you with it.

Work with influencers, support the community, and use other efficient promotion methods that should be added to the list of techniques boosting your STO project and you will attract many interested investors. A skillful promotion strategy can make wonders!