How to promote ICO, STO, DeFi, blockchain, crypto project in Asia in 2021

About one-third of all cryptocurrency transactions, that occur globally, take place in East Asia. This data was calculated by Chainalysis after the researchers analyzed all transactions from the middle of 2019 to summer of 2020. At this, the number of Asian transactions exceeded the number of European transactions. There are other benefits to promote a crypto project in Asia. As well Asia is a large crypto mining hub, where about 50% of the global hashrate is contained. As you see, there are many prerequisites showing exciting opportunities for Asian traders. 

People find it very convenient when tokens and altcoins get wider adoption. About 30% of convenience stores accept cryptocurrencies and this trend develops further.

China doesn’t permit to advertise ICOs, cryptocurrencies, token sales both on social media and on the Internet. However, it’s possible to describe a project, a product that appeared as a result, or a problem that blockchain technology solves. 

What methods are the most efficient? 

  • PR-focused methods, 

Working over PR, the company can considerably improve its position. PR publications enhance the image of the company while promotion in telegram channels increases the customer base. For instance, Telegram ban is not an obstacle for the community development. The traffic grows regardless of such details. 

  • Work with a community, 

The social media and messengers for communication differ depending on the location. This is WeChat in China, Line in Japan. Highly qualified marketing experts determine the right communication channels for each Asian country and selects the most responsive one.

  • Programmatic advertising, 

Programmatic advertising is not a service, but a marketing direction, which means targeted access to a specific region through a different banner and not only types of channels. It is used to bypass the Google ban.

  • Support of opinion leaders.

It is almost impossible for bloggers to work independently because of the language – it is easier to outsource these tasks. 

Promotion of a crypto project to Korea

Though ICO, cryptocurrencies are banned, nothing prevents the fundraising process. 

  • The most effective tool is the meetups. 
  • Next comes the PR required for brand awareness.
  • Work with opinion leaders: so that they interview the founder and write a project review, for example.

Crypto project to Japan

You cannot sell tokens to citizens of the country until you meet one of the 2 requirements: registration of a project with the local FSA regulator or sale of tokens on the local exchange.

It’s possible to market and promote but it’s not allowed to sell tokens to the Japanese. Even if a resident of the country visits the website of a foreign ICO, it is impossible to buy tokens according to the law there. People are law-abiding in Japan, so this is a problem.  

ICO promotion to Hong Kong, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia

The authorities of these countries were among the first in Asia who found a regulatory solution to the ICO issue. The countries present an ICO-friendly environment so there are favorable conditions for crypto-related projects there. The most effective methods of promotion are PR publications, dedicated work of bloggers and programmatic advertising.

It is recommended to get one legal opinion letter in Hong Kong to implement a PR strategy in Asia, regardless of the country. It costs 0.5M USD to get something of the kind from one of the Big4 representatives. But at a local small office, the solution to the issue can cost 7-10k USD.

Talking about PR campaigns in Asia, and working with popular crypto bloggers and programmatic solutions, you need to receive a legal opinion letter for the activity in a country of your interest. 

There are universal solutions for the entire region, but they are very expensive. It is better to choose the specific countries where you are focusing.