How to find crypto influencers to review your project on YouTube in 2021

Some refer to influencer marketing as an uptrend, while others refer to it as a promotion philosophy. Based on the credibility of popular and respected individuals within the target audience of a brand, it brings stunning results. Businesses try to acquire both the audience of popular accounts and the author’s blog content to present their brand. Crypto influencers provide an excellent opportunity for promotion.

Who are influencers?

The main feature of influencers is excellent targeting, constant audience and a high threshold of trust in the information posted. When an author publishes sponsored material on his/her blog and the post matches their regular content, readers trust the recommendations and, as a result, buy the product. The loyalty of customers attracted through influencers is 37% higher than those who came through regular advertising.

Influencers’ recommendations are perceived more favorably than those received from traditional advertising channels. People are tired of traditional aggressive advertising attacking them from all sides: from billboards, TV screens, and banners. The number of computers in the world with the AdBlock program installed reached 615 million in 2017. At the same time, 92% of consumers trust the recommendations of other users on the Internet, actively read forums, answer questions, and comment on social networks.

Influencer marketing is primarily an image tool that works great for reach and engagement. In some cases, working with influencers can directly increase sales. 

The influencer advertising industry is now valued at $6-8 billion and is growing at double-digit rates each year. Since 2015, the number of requests for influencers has grown 60 times. 30% of today’s children dream of running a popular page or video blog.

Celebrities and influencers

You should not confuse celebrities and influencers. The first ones are stars and outside the network, they can become famous in sports, cinema, on the stage or in social life. The latter are known precisely because of their channel or blog: paparazzi do not hunt them on city streets, they are not invited to receptions, but attention from millions of loyal subscribers is guaranteed to them.

It all occurs after tons of work related to the content creation: from text to accompanying visuals. Moreover, the organization of a photo session is not easier than recording an hour-long podcast. After it, editing and processing follow, and the stage of the agreement with the customer. You also need to look at the feedback, because it depends on the reaction of users whether you keep your positions at the top or not.

Top bloggers know each other and are simply obliged to promptly respond to the actions of competitors. The same is true for brands: when you arrange a campaign for a brand, it is important to know what competitors are doing so that you could compare your work with theirs.

How to choose an influencer?

There are three important points to keep in mind when establishing contact with professional crypto influencers:

Your brand should match the theme and the aesthetics of your blog.

  1. Advertising will only get better if the blogger has sincerely bought or used your product.
  2. Influencers prefer to work with brands through long-term partnerships.
  3. A one-time advertisement can look like an accident, for an effective brand promotion you need periodic confirmation of loyalty and sincere belief in its quality. Professional influencers need to have a strategy and a clear understanding of the product, type of content, budget, and timeline.
  4. Each industry is a microenvironment with its own trends, fashions, events, and faces. Keeping track of what’s going on in this world is an integral part of an influencer’s job.
  5. Pay attention to the number of followers. YouTube reviews made by crypto influencers are especially effective. The influencers have thousands of followers. For instance, the popular Channel Crypto Love has over 107K followers, while the YouTube channel of angel investor Ian Balina has a customer base of over 130K at the time of writing.  Therefore, you should look at the number of followers to reach a wider audience.