How to engage an NFT Community on Discord

NFT Discord communities are online spaces where people with a shared interest in NFTs can come together to chat, trade, and learn from each other. These communities are typically hosted on Discord, a popular chat platform for gamers that offers features like voice and video chat, user-created channels, and server moderation tools.

Building an NFT Discord group community can be a great way to connect with other like-minded enthusiasts and learn more about the space

What is a discord?

Discord was originally created as a group chat platform for gamers but has since become popular among other communities, including crypto communities. On Discord, users can join voice and video chats, send private messages, and take part in online communities called “servers.” Servers are hosted by individual users and can be dedicated to any topic. Inside each server, users can set up channels to discuss specific topics. This makes Discord a great place to meet people with similar interests and engage in lively discussion. 

Discord is also useful for announcements and updates. For example, many crypto projects have their own servers on Discord where they post announcements and updates for the community. This is a great way to stay up-to-date on what’s happening in the world of crypto. Whether you’re a gamer or just interested in discussing cryptocurrency, Discord is a great platform to do it.

What is the NFT Discord group?

The NFT communities on Discord have become a popular place for people in the industry to connect. There are many different types of traders, collectors and users that come together with one thing in common- they love NFTs! 

These are the people that have collector’s edition copies just waiting to be UNpacked. Members from all walks-of life will find their place in this thriving network with interest ranging anywhere between video games and global giving projects – there truly is something here for everyone who chats about Non Fungible Tokens (NFTs).

How to Find Discord Communities

One of the great things about Discord is that it’s easy to find public servers to join. The built-in server search feature makes it simple to discover new communities, and the Explore Public Servers icon makes it easy to find servers in different categories. To join a server, simply click on the ‘Join’ button. You can also return to the main directory by clicking on the compass icon again. Whether you’re looking for a gaming server, a music server, or anything in between, Discord makes it easy to find the perfect community for you.

In order to find your perfect Discord NFT community, you can use the search bar on any of these websites. For example, if I wanted a server that was dedicated exclusively towards discussing and trading in cryptocurrency then there is no better way than going straight through their tags! You could also browse online directories such as disboard.org or discordserviced.com before finally settling down with one specific enough for what YOU want out off this experience – not just anyone else’s opinion.

How to Grow your NFT Community on Discord

The number of people on Discord has been steadily rising over the past few years, with more than 140 million monthly active users at this point. This makes it an excellent place to promote and grow your project! However- creating a successful NFT community takes work; first you need to set up your server (and brand) in such a way that will attract new members . Once you have a solid foundation in place, you can begin working on building a thriving community that people will want to be part of. 

This takes dedication and effort, but it is possible to create a successful NFT Discord community. With a little hard work, you can tap into this powerful platform and use it to reach new heights with your NFT project. Here is the 4 best tips to build your NFT Community on Discord:

1. Keep everyone excited to be part of your community

The NFT Discord community is a great way to get feedback and ideas from a group of dedicated people. However, it is critical to give people plenty of reasons to stick around. One way to do this is to have regular feedback sessions where community members can share their opinions regarding the project. 

Events like this help your community build more intimate connections with your team/project. In addition, consider having regular events and activities that community members can participate in. This will help keep the community excited and engaged, and it will also make them feel like they are part of the project. By taking these steps, you can ensure that the NFT Discord community remains active and supportive.

2. Interact with community members often

Server ownership is a big responsibility, but it can be very rewarding. By interacting with your community on a regular basis, you can show that you care about them and that you are invested in the project. This will help to build trust and loyalty among your members, and it will also make them feel like they are part of something special. Of course, you shouldn’t feel like you need to be online all the time – but by posting frequently, running events, or offering regular updates, you can help to make everyone feel like they’re part of a great community.

3. Have a set of rules to abide by

When it comes to moderating a Discord server focused on non-fungible tokens (NFTs), it is important to have a set of well- crafted rules in place. By enabling the ‘Community’ setting on your server, Discord will provide you with a default set of rules that can be turned on. However, posting your rules in a public channel can help to avoid any possible confusion or misunderstanding. 

This also provides your team with a good foundation to efficiently and transparently moderate the server. When crafting your rules, be sure to take into consideration the NFT community’s unique needs and interests. Doing so will help ensure that your server remains a safe and welcoming space for all.

4. Conduct regular AMAs

One way to build a strong community is by holding events that encourage collaboration and interaction. AMAs (ask me anything) are a great way to get members of your community involved and engaged. You can conduct live audio AMAs using Stage Channels on Discord. This allows you to share a focused conversation with select individuals with an audience of listeners. In addition, NFT Discord community members who want to join in the conversation can even ask to be allowed on the stage. When it comes to questions for AMAs, we recommend setting up a form that allows members to submit questions beforehand. With the help of a crypto community manager, you can select the best questions to be asked during the session. Holding events like AMAs is a great way to build a strong and supportive community.


As your Discord NFT community starts getting bigger and bigger, it can get tiresome to properly moderate the server. We recommend hiring a crypto community manager for Discord with a deep understanding of Discord and how it works. The ideal candidate should also have experience with community building and managing crypto communities and also be a expert in crypto NFT market 

This helps everyone know that not only is your community closely connected, but you have experienced people to help if needed. By hiring a crypto community manager, you’re delegating some of the work and putting more responsibility on them. This helps free up some of your time so you can focus on other areas of the community or your business. Moreover, by having someone else manage the server, it shows that you’re invested in the success of the community. This sends a strong signal to everyone that you’re committed to making the NFT Discord community a great place to be.

Flexe.io provides NFT Discord community management services that include organically building, managing, and growing your community on Discord. Our talented community managers will work with you to develop a community management strategy that meets your needs. We can help you to grow your community organically by creating engaging content, moderating discussions, and providing support to members. 

We also offer a range of other services, such as schedule creation, event planning, and member communications. Contact us today to discuss your community management needs for Discord.

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