How to create a perfect promo video in 2021? Top-5 Tips for crypto companies

If you want to grab the attention of your audience and get people interested in your crypto project, a promo video works perfectly for it. It was called the best method bringing the highest ROI. Such an opinion was expressed by 52% of marketers who responded to this question in a special study. But it works only if everything was done properly. 

Tip #1 

Determine the purpose of why you need the video.

The most important point is to determine the purpose of a promo video.

There are many options:

  • For an affiliate program, to briefly explain how it works, and what are the advantages,
  • To attract investors,
  • For reporting to investors,
  • For users,
  • To find the first clients.

Taking the example as a basis, we can divide it into several basic elements:

So, what is needed to make a video:

  • A camera;
  • An actor;
  • A studio for filming;
  • Sound for the background (a library of sounds is required);
  • Interface elements;
  • A logo;
  • Labels and captions on the screen;
  • Call to action. 

Tip #2

If it’s possible not to use the camera, actors, or studio, then do not use it!


It is not necessary to have a professional camera to make a good video. Even a good smartphone camera can help you create a high-quality promotional video


The person in the frame makes the video alive. If the person speaks, it is even better. Then it feels even more alive. You can make it yourself, or you can invite the team for it.

When the video is captured from different angles, a great result is achieved. The person does not know where the camera is, doesn’t look at it, and is not distracted for this reason. It is very simple to do this, you need several people to shoot video on their phones at once, one of the videos will be perfect!


Using a studio is certainly a good option, but you can shoot it in a real environment. The best is a co-working option. It has the best light and atmosphere there for filming a video about IT startups.

And by the way, there you can find real background and people for extras or even the main roles! Natural filming is not always necessary. It’s possible to use the free footage for that.


You need to record sound separately from the video due to the poor quality of the microphone in the smartphone. Leave a couple of seconds before and after the speech, to give you more freedom during editing. You should record not only the speech of the actor but also the noises around, so the video itself feels more natural.

In total, a 2-minute promo video includes from 7 to 15 sentences. There shouldn’t be too many words in it as it distracts the audience, and they can’t remember later what the video was about.

Sometimes it is even a better alternative to make a video without words when dubbing the text. Make pauses between sentences to edit them later and make them of any length, also for a natural feel. Besides, it is better not to use long sentences. It is not recommended to use more than 15 words in the sentences.


There should be a melody in the background that corresponds to the contents and the mood of the service or product you present in the video. It’s usually great to use music from dynamic trailers or drum sounds. Good music is memorable!

Tip #3


Everything is simple here; you need to show the dynamic elements of the interface.

The animation in the interface is a perfect solution. If there is nothing to animate there, you can invent it, or imitate it. The easiest way is to make a GIF immediately in Figma.


You need to add sounds to make your video dynamic. There should be a certain sound for each action on the screen. If the necessary button is pressed on the video in the interface, the sound of “clicking” on the button should be heard.


Using the logo helps viewers identify the product. You can make a simple animation showing how the logo appears, for example, through a gradual appearance on a neutral background, or you can split the logo into elements and animate each element separately.

Tip #4

Any animation adds dynamics to the video

Add text to the video. This is a very important point. Even if there are no dynamics in the video, you can entice viewers to read interesting information and use subtitles for it. 

Tip #5

Add call to action

This is a very important element of the video. There are many potential customers among your audience who may be interested in your product or service after watching the video. You need to tell them what to do. The best option is to download the app, as it requires the consumer to take a repetitive action.