How to choose a blockchain marketing company in 2021: analytics

If you are going to start a serious advertising campaign for your crypto project, it is important to find a competent and trustworthy marketing company. You should select a good marketing team with extensive experience in the sphere. However, the information you get on the website of the company can be deluding. So, how to select a blockchain marketing company? Here are factors you should consider before signing a contract:

Look at the cases.

A list of completed projects is great proof of experience and high qualifications. As a rule, this list includes the most successful projects – those that the agency is proud of. The case list should include accurate numbers and metrics that demonstrate the effectiveness of the work done.

Check the authenticity of the information mentioned on the site.

The company can employ the names of large, famous companies because such information contributes to promotion. The potential customers are impressed with this information and hire the company with no doubt, thinking that the fact of cooperation with a big company confirms the professionalism and efficiency of the company. But this data is not real. These facts can be checked. Just call the company to verify the information. It can take some time but will save your budget and, probably, even your reputation.

Find out the rating of the marketing agency on unbiased websites and read reviews of independent services.

After studying cases and partnerships, it’s time to have a look at the testimonials of clients. What do customers say about their cooperation with a promotion company?
It’s better to make sure first that the cooperation really took place. Make a google search, find their contacts on social media such as LinkedIn, and ask them to prove the authenticity of the review.

The companies can employ people to write fake reviews or refuse to publish negative reviews on their website. There are many independent unbiased services with reviews. Unsatisfied customers are usually more active than happy ones, so the result of their discontent can definitely be found on such resources.

The promotion company should have a regularly updated blog.

According to the research, a company with a frequently updated blog gets 67% more leads than the companies without it. The more often the blog is updated, the higher are results. This is a necessary tool of any marketing strategy now.

The blockchain marketing company should be active on social media.

If you want to reach the target audience, social channels should be employed. Work on social media increases brand awareness. Customers are more inclined to apply to a well-known brand.

The marketing agency should offer relevant, in-demand services.

The promotion agency should be aware of all current trends and offer services in line with them. They should know about the changes in society that affect the psychology of users and their willingness to buy.

When the popularity of mobile devices increased, the marketers reacted fast to it. The trend brought to the development of mobile marketing. It was calculated that half of the mobile searches lead to purchase, so it was impossible to ignore such figures. Mobile friendliness is necessary for websites and online services nowadays. There are numerous options when it comes to mobile marketing such as campaigns boosting mobile app installs, mobile YouTube ads, etc.

Look for a blockchain marketing company that can retain clients.

The ability to retain customers is a very valuable characteristic of marketing. It is less expensive to retain clients from your customer base than to acquire new customers in any sphere. But it is more serious for the promotion sphere where long term contracts are concluded. If the crypto agency finds another advertising consultant, it will hardly come back to the previous one.
This is especially acute for crypto companies as their success often depends upon the community. The company should be able to retain its customer base as well and needs a good marketing strategy for that. It can include special loyalty programs and huge discounts for investors who support the company from the moment of its launch.

The team should include highly qualified experts in different fields.

The ideal promotion team should include experts from different spheres. Successful promotion is a result of the well-thought strategy that versatile services. The combination of the right moves can boost your sales therefore the promotion agency should include SEO, SMM experts, writers, developers, crypto tech specialists, and others. Their joint work will pay off.