Top NFT Twitter Accounts in 2022

NFT opened a new direction in the development of cryptocurrencies, showing how multifaceted the digital world can be and what opportunities it gives people. NFTs are a great way for creative people to receive a fair reward for their work, and for ordinary collectors and users, NFTs are a good way to trade digital works of art and intellectual property and earn money.

The digital world is constantly changing, offering new opportunities and prospects. In order to better understand current trends and the opportunities they give people, let’s take a look at the list of the best NFT Twitter accounts to follow.


One of the most popular and important Twitter accounts associated with NFT belongs to Beeple. He is the creator of the NFT artwork, which was purchased for $69 mln. His account is full of his current projects and encouraging messages for other NFT authors.

Having gathered more than 380K subscribers, he is one of the most outstanding creators of NFT. He shares his opinion about other works of art and comments on the current state of affairs in the field of NFT.


Speaking of NFT accounts on Twitter, it is impossible not to mention the famous NFT marketplace. Rarible is known for its website that deals with the purchase and sale of intellectual property in the form of ERC-721 tokens. Their Twitter is very popular.

More than 160K subscribers regularly receive updated information about the platform itself, the most popular topics in and plans for the future. Rarible actively shares content from the creators of NFT and sponsors blockchain-related events.

NFT Lately

NFT Lately is the best NFT newsletter. Their Twitter account also covers NFT news, updates, articles, useful information, and more.

Ty Smith

Ty Smith is another person who is not afraid to share thoughts on the topic of NFT. Ty Smith is Managing Director of Coinbund. He is the creator of the Coinbound podcast. His involvement in the crypto space gave him valuable insight into the world of NFT. His agency represented some of the most influential brands in the NFT world.

He holds direct conferences on the topic of blockchain and cryptocurrencies, talks about his vision of the state of the world economy or how NFTs fit into the overall picture.


Matty, the creator of this Twitter account, is, in his own words, obsessed with NFT. Publishing in GaryVee, Coindesk, or Reuters, he claims to be the number one blog that talks about trading digital assets and collecting NFT.

He is certainly one of the most popular accounts when it comes to topics related to NFT and shares the latest news. He talks about his vision of NFT and token trading and shares his views on the state of the market.

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