Tips on the promotion of Telegram crypto channel

Marketers effectively use Telegram for the promotion of crypto companies. Telegram crypto channel can expand your audience and customer base. However, there are some tricks you can use for promotion.

Make it simple!

When promoting the channel, simplify the material. The crypto industry is the sphere where everything is complicated. The products of crypto startups can have a hard technical explanation. The main task of the author is to make things easier, and translate the content into simple language while preserving the main idea. In other words, technical material should become easy so that all users could digest it without effort. Try not to use professional slang as non-savvy users don’t understand anything from what you say. You should expand the audience and make it clear for all. 

It’s worth saying that the complexity of the texts depends on the target audience. For whom do you write? If it’s made for a wide audience, it is better to write in simple human language. If your blog is for professionals, then you can filter newcomers in this way using professional terms in your material. 

1. Check the information

There is a lot of material over the web on investment in cryptocurrency. Which resource can you trust? You shouldn’t trust any. The main problem of this market is the lack of control and clear criteria for evaluating a project or information. It is very risky to build investment forecasts on all these misunderstandings. In addition, all projects are hidden behind the backs of the creators or speakers. It turns out that most of the available information is the personal opinion of the content authors, their investing or mining experience.

All recommendation articles should end with the words: This forecast is the personal opinion of the author and does not force you to make a certain decision on investing your funds. If you read this thing the honesty of the author is highly appreciated, as well as the willingness to warn. Not every resource is ready to say such things frankly. 

It is better to double-check the information, and not to pass it off as the ultimate truth. Be honest with your audience.

2. Describe your experience

The market is now in high demand for specialists who understand crypto. But there is no personal experience behind it. You can often receive requests “help to enter the ICO or “I need a team for the project, will you come?” If you ignore such urges, it will save your budget.

It will be cool to write about own experience. Have you read the blog of the person who made the ICO? If there are such authors, there are not so many of them.  

3. Use hashtags and geolocations 

It really works. The set of hashtags can be slightly varied for different topics of articles. Test different types of currencies or startups. It would be nice to come up with your experience, which will characterize your specifics, or the name of the project.

Use hashtags and geolocation for the initial free promotion of your channel. Follow your colleagues and actively follow trends.

4. Repost interesting content 

The likes and dislikes of the audience are known to the admins of the channel who can repost interesting content from other sources. The goal is to engage the audience to keep them coming. 

It’s better to insert a capacious phrase that summarizes all of the above at the end of each article. It will leave a clear mark in the reader’s memory.  The links to sources can be added for those who are especially curious. Who wants to study more should go to google, read, and delve into the material.

Some more tips to grow your crypto Telegram channel

  • The promotion should be natural. Don’t send invitations to your friends. It is not recommended to impose your channel. 
  • You should only inform that you have the Telegram channel. Make intervals 10-14 days between them. 
  • Before you launch the channel, publish several pictures and posts not to start promoting an empty channel. 
  • The optimal size of the Telegram post is 500 symbols (It’s enough to write one sentence for Twitter, 3 sentences for Instagram, and 1000 symbols for Facebook. 
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