How to select the best promotion crypto agency in 2021

Start mutually beneficial work with a reliable promotion crypto agency that can become a great partner you definitely need when beginning work over a cryptocurrency project. Everything is easy when there are proven recommendations. But what if you’re looking for marketing experts not relying upon the recommendations? There is always a risk of being deceived by false reviews or unproved information. This leads to loss of time, money and reputation. So, let’s figure out what to look for when choosing a good marketing agency for the promotion of your crypto project.

Real cases tell a lot about professionalism

The skill of marketers can be confirmed by examples from their cases. What projects did they perform before? This rule is applied actually to any activity in the industry, so you should start your search from there. The marketing agency publishes the best cases it had before. If the case is real, they can confirm it. Ask questions when studying cases to check that they really worked over the project. There are companies that use the achievements of their peers for promotion. It means that you applied to the wrong expert.

You should not trust the logos of the large companies. They don’t mean anything until real facts of a partnership are provided. A marketing agency uses them for promotion to draw attention to the company. Don’t be afraid to demand proof. If you are not satisfied with sufficient material, then it is better to refuse from this candidate.

Independent ratings of marketing agencies

You looked at the cases. Now you need an independent opinion from the third party. You can find the feedback in the marketing communities. The reviews are the best there as they are trustworthy.

Check partnerships for credibility. Partner companies of marketing agency will provide you feedback in case they worked together. It is especially important to pay attention to negative or not totally positive comments. They help to reveal the real situation.

Corporate blog

Blogging increases the conversion rate of marketing agencies. However, it should be a blog with a well-thought-out content plan, interesting articles, reports, and regular updates. This is an additional way to test a company’s professional approach.

Social media

Social media should be constantly updated with posts as well. A special role in this process is to communicate with the audience in the comments. Pay attention to the tone, regularity, and quality of the company’s comments/responses.

Useful range of services

The digital marketing landscape changes every year. It’s important to keep up with trends and remove outdated technologies to be valuable marketing partners all the time. A good example is the moment when people began using mobile platforms. Marketers’ skeptics continued to take the “desktop” line and lost. The rest are getting the benefits of more than 50% mobile traffic across all niches. In general, look for up-to-date service packages.

Long-term partnership factor

Problem solving is important, but consistent customer retention defines an outstanding marketing agency. Pay attention to those who develop partnerships and adjust to loyal customers. You will receive favorable conditions in the long term. Such phenomena are especially true for the crypto niche. If marketing agency partners find other performers, possible cooperation requires attention.

The team consists of highly qualified specialists and the range of their skills is wide

It is useful to note that the agency’s team consists of experts with a narrow specialization. This means that the tasks must be performed with highly professional expert. One-stop marketers are ineffective at solving your questions because the marketer’s focus on a specific goal doesn’t provide overall result. Consider this factor prior to the choice of the best agency.