An effective promo video for crypto and blockchain companies in 2021

The efficacy of promotional videos is obvious to businesses. As statistics shows, 45% of companies resort to placing promo videos on their website. Many of them place videos on the home page for maximum visibility. It is used for multiple goals and helps to educate the visitors on the crypto product, and the history of the company. And this strategy works perfectly! It was calculated that the video on the landing page increases conversion by 80%.  

Promo video is a business video that is created to promote products and services to customers. By creating a video, a company is trying to sell a brand to a target audience. A high-quality video doesn’t try to sell the product or at least doesn’t do it obviously, but it tries to establish a personal conversation with a consumer therefore the sales aspect isn’t so vivid. 

Promo video is the best way to explain the purpose of its product and the benefits of using it. This is especially important for crypto companies that frequently offer sophisticated products based on technology that is not quite clear to non-savvy users. It is always recommended to simplify the difficult material. Video helps to present any information in an easier way. It should be clear to all. 

Benefits of promotional videos:

  • A promo video drives sales;
  • A video that features employees improves brand trust;
  • It improves the recognition of your brand;
  • Videos series created on a regular basis improves brand loyalty;
  • Companies using videos are well-perceived by search engines;
  • It strengthens the reputation;
  • The average time people spend on your page is much higher when there is a promo video on it. 

 There can be different types of promotional videos depending upon the goal they pursue: 

  • Intro videos
  • Product videos
  • Product launch videos
  • Explainer videos
  • FAQ
  • Testimonials
  • Video ads and others. 

Video is an ideal promotional material that catches users’ attention. The possibility to reach any audience with help of this marketing tool is another reason for using it. People now watch videos everywhere. It means that you can reach a very wide audience with a proper promotion work. 

Here are tips on the creation of a powerful promo video for crypto and blockchain:

  • Don’t make it long.

It was revealed that promo videos are the most efficient when their length doesn’t exceed 2 minutes. 

  • It’s important to produce an important first impression on the audience. 

If you describe a product, service or your brand, try to show how creative and innovative it is.

  • Tell a good story to attract the potential audience. 

There are different kinds of videos. We can distinguish them by the goal set before the video is created. Each option has its own approach and its own audience, it is important to understand this.

It is important to look for examples that are similar in concept to your product. Ordinary commercials or videos from bloggers will not have the desired effect and, consequently, won’t achieve the set goal.

  • Add animation to the video.

Cute and catchy animation always attracts attention regardless of the type of target audience. It should not be sophisticated. Make it simple, colorful and creative.

  • Make it catchy for a viral effect. 

A viral video is actually a free promotion. You only need a bright idea and a nice performance. Make a promo video catchy enough not to worry about its virality and easy promotion.

  • Promote it through social media.

Promotion of a video via social media is very effective and takes the first place as far as ROI is concerned. 

  • Apply to the team of professionals

Find a company with extensive experience in video creation and editing. You should see if there are professional video-makers in the team who can grasp the main point and provide the best possible service. 

If you do it right, you’ll find that a promo video is a great marketing tool to help you reach your advertising goals. is ready to help your company in creating an effective promo for crypto and blockchain projects.