Facebook Crypto Ads: 3 surefire tactics

Facebook Crypto ads can be a great way to acquire new customers and increase awareness. The platform has over 2 billion active users, making it easy for you to connect with your target audience- however there are some precautions that need taking before running an advertisement campaign via these channels such as avoiding anything prohibited by the policies or exceeding limits imposed in one go . Here we’ll share tactics project owners use when conducting successful coin conversions through advertising campaigns across a Facebook ads

Understanding the Facebook crypto traffic ads policy

Crypto ads are finally alive and well on Facebook! You can now post nft advertisements if you meet certain criteria. To be able to use this feature, advertisers must submit an application form with all necessary information about themselves such as licenses or participation in public stock exchanges (which has been previously required). Unlike before where most advertising policies were banned due to cryptocurrency scandals involving shady businesses abusing user trust by misusing their platforms’ features – like Cambridge Analytica doing so unfairly.

However, advertisers are required to submit a written request for permission before advertising the following services and products:

  • Crypto Exchanges and Trading Platforms

Trading instruments like spot trading, futures markets or margin loans are a common feature of most Cryptocurrencies. They allow you to trade actively with exposure through short selling as well as buy cryptocurrency on credit meters that have high rates compared to underlying asset price movements in some cases – but this comes at risk if there’s an accident where your funds get lost forever!

  • Crypto lending and borrowing services:

 Platforms that offer crypto lending and borrowing services must get permission from Facebook before they post their ads on the platform.

  • Crypto wallets:

The cryptocurrency wallet is a must-have for people who trade and invest in crypto. This software enables you to send coins, buy them with fiat currency (i.e., dollars), sell things from home or abroad using tokens that represent assets like Bitcoin®, Ethereum® & more – all on one platform!

  • Hardware and software for digital currency mining:

The hardware and software for digital currency mining can be quite complicated, but you should always get permission from Facebook before placing ads on their site.

How to run a successful Facebook crypto advertising campaign

It’s not enough to just launch a Facebook crypto advertising campaign. You need the right strategy and tactics in place before you start running ads, or else they’ll be wasted money on an unproductive endeavor! Here are three key components of developing that winning formula: 

  1. Select a campaign goal

At the campaign level, you select your objective which is what actions individuals take after interacting with NFT ads on Facebook. 

There are three kinds of objectives: 

  • awareness goals to get people aware that they have an option for donating; 
  • consideration points aimed at getting them thinking about how certain products might meet their needs or desires (i e buying something); 
  • conversion clicks/emails sent directly from advertising platforms if there’s enough data showing users would rather purchase through this channel over others at present moment in time – usually last resort measure when all other attempts fail due to lack consumer interest
  1. Create a perfect custom audience

Cryptocurrency enthusiasts will want to take a look at Facebook’s new ads, as they’re now available for targeting. The ad set is the second level when advertising your favorite cryptocurrencies on this social media platform – which means that there are three primary techniques you can use: 

By age range & interest category such as finance or tech

You can start by selecting the specific demographic elements, such as nationality and gender for males or females who speak English at home; then move on down into more general interests like fitness with some extra information about what they do in their free time–this will help you target people just looking around rather than advertising directly towards them! It’s important not only to understand how individuals behave when browsing through content but also to take note of any actions taken after visiting certain pages (ie: clicking an ad). 

For example, NFT on Facebook crypto ads should be tailored to reach out to those who are captivated by chains. You can then narrow your audience and focus solely on people that have recently bought necklaces based on NFTs, or if you want even more specific data-driven targeting capabilities then layer an economic variable such as luxury brand buyers!

Target a custom crowd of individuals who know your business

Reach out to a highly tailored audience of individuals who have already interacted with your company on Facebook, YouTube or through email marketing. This targeting can deliver excellent results because cryptocurrency ads will reach people in ways you never could before!

Reach out to a look-a-like audience like the existing crowd

Facebook has a look-a-like crowd for crypto advertisers. The algorithm that creates this audience can help you identify your ideal customer, place them in the right demographics with perfect targeting options to maximize conversions on Facebook ads campaigns!

  1. Develop and test your creative

You can design the perfect creatives for your needs on crypto traffic by following these tips. For example, if you want to advertise locally then it’s important that canvas banners aren’t used in conjunction with this goal because they’re not allowed on Local Awareness campaigns – but fear not! There are other options available instead like video or photo ads which all have different requirements depending upon what type of promotion is being run through them so be sure check out facebook ad policy first before getting started!.

There are five formats for your Facebook crypto ads, including:

  • Carousel
  • Single picture
  • Single video
  • Slideshow
  • Canvas

When developing your Facebook campaign, it is important to launch new ads and not just stop once you have created a single banner. By generating multiple formats of the same photo with varying content in order for them all have an effect on how successful they will be at boosting traffic while maintaining relevance scoring capabilities by spreading out across different networks – this way if one specific format begins showing low numbers then don’t kill off that particular version but instead switch over into another which may prove more beneficial!


Facebook crypto ads are not allowed without meeting their policy requirements. Understanding how to post your crypto adverts in a way that doesn’t upset this platform’s rules can help you avoid any consequences and bans of your facebook accounts.

Though Facebook has imposed restrictions on cryptocurrency ads, there are ways to put ads on the platform yet. Our facebook ads Flexe.io team have many years worth of experience each which gives them a deep understanding of facebook advertising and how to get the most out of your facebook advertising campaign.

Are you ready to make your mark on Facebook ads and increase your sales figures at the same time? If so, get in touch for more information. Our dedicated, experienced team is here to turn your advertising goals into a reality.

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