Best Crypto Websites to Guest Post

Cryptocurrency space is one for the pen – a venue where the written word holds sway as in virtually any other major market that has something to tell its audiences about the state of affairs. But apart from news feeds and digests of market happenings, news outlets and media channels have to fill their feeds with engaging, provocative and interesting content. That content needs to contain some kind of valuable, interesting and engrossing information that readers can translate into action or forecasts on what is to happen with their assets in the near future.

The cryptocurrency environment is filled with countless news outlets and feeds as the best crypto websites offer their users extensive sections brimming with educational materials and specialized areas for insights, interviews, review articles, op-eds and many other types of content that will encourage readers to read, and view the various ads posted on the sidelines. Generating such content requires both time and effort, but it is worth it in the end, considering that quality articles not only rake in considerable amounts of reposts and reader numbers, but are also a highly effective instrument for native ad integrations. Articles are also one of the foremost and most popular forms of information transfer, since people online have little choice but to either read information or view it through videos. This separation of content into written and visual form has resulted in the development of an entirely dedicated portion of content management and generation that has gained its own unique flare in the cryptocurrency and blockchain market environments. Given the abundance of materials to speak and write about, the large number of influencers capable and willing to comment on market dynamics and events is giving plenty of room for media outlets to maneuver by inviting authors and prominent individuals in the space to partake in or write guest posts. The best crypto information websites feature dedicated sections for op-eds and guest posts that delve deep into the inner workings of the cryptocurrency market and give detailed insights into various events surrounding it. Readers rely on these insights in their actions on the market, believing in the truthfulness and reliability of the forecasts that influencers and invested guest posters provide.

Best Crypto Websites to Guest Post

Top Crypto Sites to Guest Post

The guest post is one of the main sources of content generation for the best crypto news websites that publish articles written by CEOs, founders and managers of various projects, exchanges and other infrastructure applications. Investors are eager to read such articles, since they provide a good overview or review of the potential asset for investment, giving the numbers and forecasts needed to make financial projections on the future traction of projects and market participants. The best crypto websites’ news feeds are literally brimming with interviews with various prominent individuals and market players, each of whom is eager to provide a quality review of their project or advance their own standing in the industry by giving comments that will echo across the market with their provocative or keen insights. Naturally, guest posts are not free of charge and many PR agencies are ready to offer placement services to clients in a host of various publications and media outlets. Approaching news websites is a delicate matter, since many project teams either do not know the requirements for content posting that media channels provide, or do not have the contacts necessary to make the publication effective. The following is a list of some of the best venues that cryptocurrency projects can refer to when deciding to make a guest post and publish it online for their readers and potential audiences to see.

The Top Venues: Given the abundance of cryptocurrency and decentralized industry media channels on the market, it is wise to select only the most read and popular ones along with a list of requirements they give for accepting material into publishing. The list will follow a descending order of popularity and difficulty of gaining the attention of the editorial team.

CoinSutra: The CoinSutra channel is considered to be one of the prolific resources when it comes to all things cryptocurrency and digital assets market related. The channel provides high quality content that reverberates across the entire market with its standing and insights. The regular updates that the website provides and the steady stream of content attract a high number of newcomers into crypto space, making the platform a premier venue for posting guest articles on a wide range of topics. Though the channel started out as a dedicated Bitcoin resource, as the industry expanded, the editorial team started releasing articles related to other digital assets and related topics to expand the audience base and dive into the broader market to remain relevant.

The CoinSutra editorial team is quite picky when it comes to the material they select for publication, meaning that potential posters will need to have a polished text on hand before submitting. The submission guidelines require the content to be related to cryptocurrencies in the form of a review, an analytical article, or a tutorial about the use of a certain application or platform. The material must also be within the 800 and more word count, and must be written in a highly-informative style with little descriptions and unnecessary blocks of text. The website also pays top dollar for writers who provide independent content and even allows submissions to their regular corporate address.

Coinfomania: This channel focuses on all crypto-related matters and takes pride in the quality of its content. The resource was launched in July or 2018 and is dedicated to covering topics of daily import for the denizens of the crypto industry. Anything from news and guides to reviews and posts about analysis of various coins can be found on the channel along with interviews and guest posts wading into the philosophical aspect of decentralization. The website also provides real-time monitoring of the leading cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum, while giving users access to a convenient interface that is both uncluttered and very in line with the designs reflecting the channel’s essence as a blockchain and technology information resource. Like any resource that values the opinions of its readers and respects them, Coinfomania provides quality content and claims to be aiming at providing investors and market participants with the opportunities for identifying potential unicorns and having the necessary data for proper decision-making.

Coinfomania offers many guest posting opportunities as well, as the audience of the channel is growing fast and new content has to be released on an ongoing basis. However, the requirements for submissions are quite strict and extend beyond quality English. The posts have to be related to the crypto industry, they have to be at least 700 words for analytical materials and 300 words for news releases. 100% uniqueness of the material is standard with short sentences and concise separation of the text into titles and subheadings for easy reading.

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Coin Info: Here is another crypto news outlet that values the opinions of its readers and strives to provide quality content. The platform states that its goal is to improve the world of cryptocurrencies and decentralized finance by providing up-to-date and relevant news and analytics on a variety of topics that readers might be interested in. The news channel is not limited to analytics, but also provides reviews, guest posts, educational materials, and overall information supply about the state of the market. Combined, these features place Coin info well above most average news feeds, since it also provides opportunities for writers of all creeds and convictions to offer their material for review. Anyone from a fan to a blogger or simple follower can submit their text and have it evaluated and even published on the resource. The more analysis and keen insight – the better.

Given the vast number of subscribers and followers Coin info has a rather strict list of guidelines that material submitters have to consider carefully, left they want their text to end up in the recycle bin before even being read halfway. The first and most important requirement is clean, perfect English that is both unique and enthralling in its written form. Next is the content itself, which must abide by the style and direction of the publication and remain focused on the happenings of the crypto industry. The final requirement is rather tricky, since it means that only the best articles on a given topic stand a chance at being published.

BTC Geek: BTC Geek, as the name suggests, is a strong crypto-related blog that focuses on Bitcoin and the needs of the top coin’s community of followers and adherents. The channel was launched back in 2013 and is thus considered one of the oldest in the space. Rightly so, since the channel is responsible for publishing some of the earliest posts on the dynamics of Bitcoin’s price and expert opinions about its future. The channel invites many prominent experts and opinion leaders to share their insights on market events and is very friendly when it comes to communication with the reader base. Over the years, the audience has grown and so have the requirements for publication.

First off, the content submitted to BTC Geek must be fully unique and must not contain a single rewritten word from other materials. Next up, the content has to be relevant to the market and valuable to read, not a simple mash of words cobbled together with conjunctions and prepositions. Among the materials accepted are introduction posts, and even essential guides on using various resources and applications.

Finally – only content that is related to Bitcoin will be considered for publication, understandably. Block Publisher Last up is Block Publisher – a news publication about all things blockchain related that aims to give readers valuable content and analytics. The publication is focused on highlighting startups and projects with their use cases and traction dynamics. The channel has top notch editors in all sections of the resource and applies strict guidelines for content submitted for review. To stand a chance at being published, the material must be written in perfect English and must be at least 1200 words long. The work must be original and contain valuable information that will keep readers tied to the material until the conclusion section. Images are welcome in the material and citations and credits to external sources are a must. Needless to say, the material has to be an original work and must not contain any kind of rewritten sections or citations, quotes or paraphrasing.

Best Crypto Websites to Guest Post


When it comes to guest posting on media resources, projects seeking to attract attention to their market offerings, or to just share some insights, have to approach the channel selection question with some degree of delicacy. The first step is determining the audience and vector of the channel’s content so as not to waste time on submissions that will be rejected based on mismatch. Next is finding a good author and giving an exhaustive and detailed assignment that will result in a written work that is both lean and clean from a grammatical standpoint. The final step is editing and submission to the selected publication, while keeping fingers crossed that the editors will find value in the material and publish it.

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