Best 9 Crypto Instagram Accounts to follow

In this digital world, receiving cryptocurrency updates necessitates a certain level of dependability as to which PR agency to constantly trust their update. There are many crypto influencers on Instagram who share various information about crypto and blockchain in general, but we have narrowed our list down to the most reliable Instagram channels where you can always get valid and accurate crypto news. 

Share Crypto 

If you’re looking for the latest and greatest crypto news, share crypto is the place to be. There, you can get top investors’ opinions on a specific coin as well as the cryptocurrency market in general. With over 417k Instagram followers, share crypto has been able to consistently deliver high-quality content and deserves to be your home for crypto updates. 

Crypto Explorer

A channel that regularly provides tips to the crypto community on how to minimize risk while trading, as well as ensures blockchain promotion by consistently making poshttps://flexe.io/fintech/ts that benefit newcomers to the crypto world.To understand how important this channel is, they ensure their audience is in the profit zone during the bear market by providing updates on how they can invest in it. They believe the bear market destroys portfolios and prevents investors from achieving their goals, so following their updates is great and it can never be underestimated. This channel also provides its readers with the opportunity to learn and progress from the stage of novice to professional in the blockchain industry, as well as a well-structured academy for those who want to delve deeper into the cryptocurrency world. This channel has grown rapidly in a short period of time and is, of course, a great source of inspiration. 


Cryptonary, with 561k Instagram followers and over 2000 posts, has been able to drive a large audience as a result of the quality value they have been providing in this social world. On Cryptonary, you will never be bored; you will see a variety of memes to keep you entertained and interested in every single update on the channel. This channel provides regular updates on the crypto market and NFT art, and they have done their best to inform investors that bear markets are where fortunes are made by providing strategies for surviving in such markets. Cryptonary distributes their updates via infographics, breaking news, and short and clear videos; this should be your go-to spot for staying current in the crypto world. 

Girls Gone Crypto

This channel is worth following if you enjoy watching short videos and want to learn more about blockchain. As a result of her nonstop amusing but enlightening and educative videos, this prolific female influencer was recognized and awarded as the best female crypto influencer recently. Though she does not have as many followers as some of the other channels on this list, she deserves to be recognized and applauded for her tremendous contribution to the crypto market. 

Bitboy Crypto

Understanding what it takes to get a project that is worth investing in is a big catch, and this Instagram channel provides and gives tips on various strong projects that one can venture into at any time. Bitboy is without a doubt one of the industry’s top YouTubers. He encourages investors and gives them reasons why they should keep their token (coin) tight and avoid panic in any situation in the crypto space. It’s worth noting that he has a devoted fan base known as the “Bit Squad.” 

Brekkie Von Bitcoin (BVBTC)

A creative artist in the blockchain industry who demonstrates his artistic nature by sharing various art on his Instagram channel. The artist is very talented and has created a lot of awesome and unique bitcoin art. As a bitcoin enthusiast, this should undoubtedly be on your list of favorite channels. 

Crypto Humor

Tired during the day? Need a channel to unwind and have some fun? Crypto Humor is the best Instagram channel to follow. There are many funny memes about cryptocurrency to be found here, so you will never be bored. When things are going wrong in the market, crypto humor is there to brighten every moment. 

Crypto Crunch News

This is one of the top crypto Instagram channels for learning about cryptocurrency and staying up to date on the latest news. Whether you’re new to crypto or have a thorough understanding of digital currencies, Crypto Crunch News will keep you up to date on the latest developments in the crypto world. This channel provides in depth analysis of how you can easily manage your income using the 50/40/10 rule, as well as updates on new investors and companies entering the industry.

Altcoin Daily

Since 2016, Altcoin Daily has been sharing hot news in the cryptocurrency industry in general. They have been a great help in crypto marketing and a very reliable source when looking for authentic updates, covering altcoin and crypto news during the period

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