An effective promo video for crypto and blockchain companies in 2021

Let’s say you have a promising FinTech startup. There’s a lot of chances to achieve success in the near future. However, the product needs to be shown at the right angle, otherwise, there is a risk that the customers won’t see its real value. You’ll lose time and, probably, your chance. This is a regular situation in fintech sphere. It can be challenging but you should learn to make complex things look attractive and clear. Here is guidance on how to do this.

Build the visual channel

You can describe the features of the project in a meaningful and interesting way, but a large proportion of readers will still ignore the proposal. Video content performs better and is more likely to show the product in a light and user-friendly way by keeping the message clear. Use infographics, whiteboard animation, short product videos. Don’t forget about screenshots if you write guides and reviews. A 1-minute introductory video is the best thing to present your FinTech startup. Then, those who are really interested will read even the 20-page white paper in the future.

Work with social media too. Constant interaction with the community through short product videos keeps attention and helps to reach the set goal. The YouTube channel is one of the successful development options in this direction.

Create the semantic core

When you just start, people know nothing about you and your fintech startup. Take time and build a semantic core for your topic. Fill it with the most popular relevant search queries and see the real situation. You can use Google tools for it. Use the received data to produce the most requested content. Create trending topics, insert tags to improve visibility.

Think about what the target audience of the product is thinking and find relevant queries that will lead them to your product.

Be interesting and care for the community

Many banks and financial institutions are not presented properly online. Lots of them have kind of boring corporative websites and nothing else. Also, some social media pages are possible, but the typical style of official messages is too boring. Modern people can’t perceive it. You can play this card and become an interesting fintech brand to a potential audience. Find the client’s language and speak it. Suggest topics that capture attention and are relevant to your target audience. Don’t rush to the product, but look for the keys to people’s hearts through values ​​and needs. Share valuable content for free and always respond to comments.

Play by the rules or create your own rules

Social media regularly limits the promotion of crypto or fintech startups. Cryptocurrencies are not in favor there. There are risks of getting hit by filters on Facebook and elsewhere. It would be irresponsible to lose numerous customers for this reason. Therefore, learn the rules of the game and deliver content that does not break them. Also find a way to be interesting and valuable without breaking the law.

If you need to provide more information, then go beyond. Medium, Reddit and some other platforms suit perfectly for free advertising of products. Not everyone pays attention to it right away, but the audience of readers is large there.

Work with clients

It costs a lot more to acquire new customers than to keep a warm base. Work with active buyers after the sale, help them, resolve any issues and make the best deals.

Trust the marketing experts

Building a marketing strategy seems like a feasible task if you know your job and audience well. However, this will take too much time when you need to work over the issues of general management.