6 Crypto GameFi projects to try

Cryptocurrency gaming projects are the biggest reason behind the popularity of cryptocurrency games. It offers a low-entry price range and extent of benefits later on. More and more GameFi projects are launched every day. And, upcoming projects are waiting to be launched. As of 2022, the market has been booming with the intuitive combination of the metaverse, NFTs, finance, and gaming. In this post, you get to know about the top five cryptocurrency gaming projects and what they offer. 

GameFi marketing is a big part of the success of the project. It ensures that the right people learn about the project and get excited about it. The gamefi project is one of the most successful cryptocurrency gaming projects out there. It has a lot to offer gamers and investors alike. So, if you’re looking for a new opportunity in the world of gaming, make sure to check out the gamefi project!

Pixel Pix

The gaming project Pixel Pix is the first play-to-earn game where players have the opportunity to create their NFTs ‘from scratch,’ or more specifically – from a pixel. Pixel Pix features an iconic design while keeping the familiarity and nostalgia of ‘the pixel.’ The main idea is to construct a vast digital world where pixels are the atoms and the building blocks of the PIXELVERSE environment and economy. The only limitation in the PIXELVERSE is the number of pixels (1 billion). Everything else is unlimited and depends only on the imagination of the player. In the PIXELVERSE, players can create anything they can imagine, including their own NFTs. These NFTs can be used for a variety of purposes, such as to represent ownership of in-game assets or to trade with other players. 

The possibilities are endless and players are able to truly reap the benefits of their creativity. Not only does this provide an opportunity for players to showcase their talents, but it also allows them to generate income through the sale of their NFTs.

Dark Frontiers

The Dark Frontier project is a gaming initiative that seeks to revolutionize the way games are played and monetized. With the use of blockchain technology, the project aims to create a new gaming ecosystem that is transparent, fair, and secure. The project’s native currency, $DARK, will be used to purchase in-game assets and power the play-to-earn feature. In addition, the project will have a mineable token called Dark Matter Energy, which will be used to reward players for their gameplay. 

The utility currency used in the Dark Frontiers is $DARK. To take advantage of the play-to-earn feature, Dark Frontier will have a mineable token called Dark Matter Energy in association with $GAME tokens. This intuitive game allows gamers to scale threefold quests: craft, trade, and discover. 

The project’s goal is to get more people involved in the gaming economy and to promote the use of digital currencies in the gaming industry. The team behind the gamefi marketing project Dark Frontiers is experienced in both the gaming and cryptocurrency industries, and they are committed to delivering a high-quality product that meets the needs of both gamers and investors. 

By combining the best of both worlds – the known (traditional gaming) and the unknown (blockchain technology) – the Dark Frontier project seeks to create a new gaming experience that is fun, rewarding, and exciting.


The gaming project, MetaWars, is a sci-fi futuristic video game that follows a multiplayer strategy. With the help of the game’s war economy, players can monetize and earn from the game. This happens with the help of the MetaWars galaxy that’s constantly evolving resulting from the collective actions of the participants. Moreover, the three aspects connected with MetaWars are Space Exploration, Fleet Formation, and Combat. In addition, the extra Acquire Terrain feature makes it possible for players to control entire planets. 

When the players come together, they can revolutionize the galaxies by completing several missions. Also, they can collect special robots through limited-edition deals while earning NFTs. Apart from that, gamers can stake and complete as many challenges as they can. That way, they can earn $WARS tokens. And, they can expand their armies with unique and amazing optimization options. 

Consequently, the game provides an immersive and realistic experience that is unique in the gaming industry. Thanks to the efforts of the developers team, the gamefi marketing MetaWars project has been successfully launched and is now available to gamers worldwide. These options improve the strength of their character level in the game and help them earn more unique rewards. So, if you’re looking for an immersive and exciting gaming experience, be sure to check out MetaWars!

Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity is one of the best Pokémon-styled games out there. With a growing player base and outstanding improvements, the game has come a long way since it was introduced. Besides, the team behind the project has developed a scalability solution called Ronin. So, when it comes to transactions, Ronin is one of the most reliable solutions that you can get. While combating other players, gamers need to breed and collect Axies, which are digital creatures based on NFTs. 

Each axie has a unique genetic signature. Hence, with this specific feature, the descendants receive the faults and strengths of the Axies. 

Moreover, the player needs to get their hands on three Axies even before playing the game. The player is rewarded with SLP (Smooth Love Potion) for both PVP (player vs player) and adventure combat mode. The AXS or Axis Infinity Shard is another ERC20 token that acts as the main token for the platform. To breed new Axies, the player needs to have these tokens. 

Overall, the game is really fun and engaging, and the team seems to be doing a great job in terms of development and marketing.


If you’re a fan of games like Minecraft or Roblox, then you’ll definitely want to check out Sandbox. Dubbed as one of the most popular NFT games, Sandbox allows players to create and trade different types of virtual assets. 

With its easy-to-use tools, gamers can experiment with building and customizing objects, and then sell them on the marketplace. And because it runs on blockchain technology, all transactions are secure and transparent. Plus, with Sandbox’s own ERC20 token (SAND), players can easily buy in-game products while playing. 

So if you’re looking for a new and exciting gaming experience, be sure to give Sandbox a try

Gods Unchained

Gods Unchained is a free-to-play cryptocurrency gaming project that blends NFT technology with traditional card trading. It supports the ERC721 token called GODS. Gamers can earn these cards when they win PVP matches or buy them from other players. Whatever be the choice, the quality of the cards and the player’s ability decide the winner.

Gods Unchained emphasizes your tactics and skills. In this game, you are matched with users belonging to the same rating. When you put your opponent’s life to zero, you win the match. And, with each victory, you get to earn experience points. When your experience points are completed, you advance to the next level. 

As a reward, you earn a new pack of cards. That way, you can decorate your collection. Gods Unchained is a unique and exciting way to play card games, and its use of NFT technology makes it all the more intriguing. We hope you enjoy playing!


Cryptocurrency gaming projects have quickly become some of the most popular games in the industry.

 This is because they offer a fantastic way to earn money while also providing gamers with a more enjoyable experience. In addition, they make sure that their games are not brutal and provide gamers with a more enjoyable experience.

 As a result, gamers who are looking for a lucrative and entertaining start should definitely try out the above cryptocurrency gaming projects.