5 necessary things for the promotion of your crypto project in 2021

Crypto promotion campaign can be short enough and last about one and a half or two months. That is, there is practically no time for long-term experiments and A/B tests that are usually conducted when the company develops a product.

Taking into account a short crypto promotion campaign, it affects the tone of marketing, which is rather intense and aggressive. The list of these things includes annoying pop-ups, dazzling banners, and other formats that irritate the audience, but show an astonishingly high conversion rate.


  1. Landing page

A clear, structured site with all the necessary information. It should be stable. You should also develop a well-optimized landing page not to lose your traffic. It should be appealing and functional to be able to attract your potential customers. 

It should have:

  • Documentation (Whitepaper and Onepager).
  • Form for subscribing to newsletters.
  • Links to social networks and chats (Facebook, Twitter, Telegram).
  • Information about the team and advisers.
  1. Content

It is not enough to make a good product; it is important to tell about it correctly. In order to realize a successful token sale, you need to get serious about content development. The editor should be immersed in the product, its technical component and be able to create content for both specialized media and the mass audience of social networks. 

Be creative! A good PR specialist and copywriter can help you with it. Apply a creative approach to devise something new and unexpected to attract attention. 

  1. SMM and community management

It is necessary to build knowledge and interest around the project and the upcoming ICO, provide maximum information about the project, the working version of the product (if it already exists), investors and the team. And the main thing is to be here and now: answer questions, comments, work with feedback.

It is worth understanding and separating community management and advertising. Facebook, Reddit, and Twitter both have ad placements (more on that later), but it’s a mistake to mix one up with the other.

For example, in the Reddit channel, you should not publish strictly advertising messages such as “Hurry up to participate in the ICO!” with a link to the site. Leave it for advertising. Channel is needed for a different kind of information, it makes sense to publish links to reviews, audits, updated documentation and other useful information.

Minimum you must have

 Facebook: Active group with structured content grid and posting plan.

 Twitter: a channel for all important news about the project and links to other people’s publications.

 Reddit: Audiences come for content in their area of ​​interest. It’s important to post regularly on Reddit and keep the communication going with comments. There are thematic sub-reddits in which it makes sense to publish, for example, Ethtrader.

Telegram: the most optimal communication channel with the audience in terms of security and convenience. It is worth creating both a channel for publishing all important information, and a chat for communicating with the audience. It is very useful to listen to the questions and comments that will be asked in the chat: this is exactly the kind of feedback that will help to identify problem areas in communication and technical documents. Speed ​​of response is critical: you need to be ready to respond very quickly, for which competent moderators should be on duty in the chat.

  1. Analytics

It is critical to understand where and what traffic is coming from. And here quality will always be more important than quantity. The ultimate goal of attracting traffic from all channels is the conversion of an audience into subscribers and subsequent communication with this customer base.

  1. Mailings

Newsletters are an important communication channel with a potentially interested audience. It is necessary to formulate a calendar and content plan for supporting mailings: welcome-letter, information on all dates (pre-sale, sale, distribution), discounts, and so on. For these purposes, you can use a fairly convenient and simple Mailchimp interface.

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