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We can launch bing ads for your crypto or fintech project from scratch.

There are over 1 billion visitors on it so make sure you catch up traffic there.

Microsoft is one of the leading software solution providers in the world with a wide range of products that facilitate the development and promotion of digital components and products. And as one of the leading companies with a presence on the online market, Microsoft fields its own search engine. The flagship product the corporation currently fields is Bing.

Bing is a web search engine that Microsoft offers users with a wide range of features and functions. Apart from easy integration of third-party services and a convenient interface with a host of add-ons like translators, Bing is also a powerful advertising venue for any number of companies promoting their products and services. Bing offers a PPC – Pay-Per-Click – advertising model, wherein advertisers pay per impression. The service places ads across websites and banners based on keyword searches with an advanced optimization and targeting engine at no minimum fees, making it a highly attractive venue for advertisers.

Bing Ads Cryptocurrency Services

Bing has been active in the web since 2009 and has since developed a comprehensive network of advertising services and products that encompass a host of different sectors and industries. The cryptocurrency market is also one of the areas that Bing can target. However, Bing crypto ads were banned in 2018, as the service updated its advertising policy and introduced stricter screening measures. Since 2018, the service has been banning over 5 million cryptocurrency ads a year, however it did not encompass the full scope of services that the crypto market has to offer.

Advertising crypto on Bing is still possible, since the policy states that any cryptocurrency initial offerings, cryptocurrency exchanges and related sales of high-risk financial services are banned for promotion by the platform. The policy does not indicate any blockchain technologies or related offerings on promotion, allowing an agency with sufficient experience to effectively tweak the optimization and placement of the ads to allow it to bypass bans of Bing ads cryptocurrency.

Since Bing ads are much cheaper than ads on Google, proper positioning of crypto ads as blockchain products on the PPC platform will allow every dollar spent to reach a much broader audience. And since Bing and its partner sites reach over 33% of all internet websites, that is a large market to tap.

What We Can Offer?

Correct positioning of ads on Bing is all a matter of experience on the part of the advertising agency taking on the crypto project. The agency has many years of combined experience of working on the crypto market and the specialists know how to overcome the bans and challenges of crypto advertising. With its client-oriented approach and goal-focused operation flow, the agency is determined to give the best value-for-money to its clients, while ensuring high audience reach and effective promotional strategy planning along every step of the process.


Bing is a powerful advertising platform that may have some limitations on crypto advertising. However, specialists, like those at, will allow crypto projects to leverage the astounding effectiveness of this Microsoft-hosted venue.

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