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Airdrop (200k members


Why do people use airdrops?

3 main reasons:
1. You can dramatically increase your community and use it for post ICO period. Just imagine if you have any partnership with anyone in future saying that you have 50k twitter followers and 200k telegram users that will know about this partnership — will it make your negotiations easier?
2. The more people know about you — the better that is. That is one of the fastest ways to let others know about your project.
3. Airdrop users can get paid for making posts inside your communities (something like airdrop with bounty activities) which will increase engagement of your communities.

We are launching airdrop from scratch.
It means that we not only help you with technical part — creating special telegram bots for the campaign — but also add your project at airdrop trackers and promote it.
The result is guaranteed.

10 000 members guaranteed — 1800$
20 000 members guaranteed — 2600$
50 000 members guaranteed — 7000$
100 000 members guaranteed — 10 000$
200 000 members guaranteed — 19 000$